The 1 Bitcoin Show- Weak hands pummeled by Binance/SEC FUD! Bprivate & Trezor? Mt Gox theory

hello everyone this is Adam Meister you the disrupt meister welcome to the one big show II Mars descent 28 a lot of kinds of difficulties truck I might just cut the visuals here but I did get this nice free t-shirt it says crypto geek um some guy here in South Africa you know I think you had an icy or something huh I'm giving on the shout out because you know there's a lot of creativity going here in Johannesburg in the cryptocurrency can rate time at Matt Browns event it is linked to it is linked to below and a lot of things here I'm refresh I hope I'm on here I hope I live I might not be lied because this uh I can't get the chat to reload here again lots of technical you're hearing me now so let's let's jump into the it right now the show Andy Hoffman actually has a tweet out there promoting the Denver event and it's it's just the height tweet so check out that link below these thing in in the news beep has a tweet out there and see it says be private oppa there are the well first weights if they're openly stating that they have reached out to trapdoor for integration this is a great move well first of all of course they should be reaching out to treasure but I'm glad they're publicizing it you yeah sorry about that everyone it's not gonna do visuals here we just just broke up anyway I was talking about be private he ha I'm doing a great job reaching out first or bullish news that they're making least Trump thing treads were to split their hold coin or let any who tweet this tweet tweet out to trace or say hey yeah do this it's a huge community behind so we want to get our free we want to get our free the dividend here and last night at Matt I met again was a wild time I love me eating all these people join hands Berg jeez and prof without ever you should see how hassle Orion after you know since I've been person but on days with simulcasted in we had a blast ash the baby and I but but we're talking crypto dividends and people great questions by the way Ken Bo's act just sent me four dollars and 20 cents in super jet thanks to lottie's as been finance CEO says exchange was not hat really yes we know that ken thank you for finding us we're gonna talk about that in a second and it is to get to clear it with some people buying exit traped we're gonna get into this peg button I agree someone says the audio is really rough dude I can't let's get through the show together there okay pay close attention and listening comprehend people try pay attention through the bumps here if he's a son drunk them internet connection it's a piece a in South Africa it's a thanks and fries like dollars the visuals so you can pay and help eat with other ooh it's taking up less Sun and you'll be able to hear people all right let's get back let's get back here let's I could distract it what are we here so yeah be private that was great news so again this was a day up for the strong hand because there was so much news out there not news but fine based on the sec room are based on japan room are an india rumor just really unfortunate stuff and there's a guy who tweeted about it crypto and okay yeah I think the crypto NL sleeps coordinated FUD from Japan India SEC and finance but what's actually happening Japan and SEC just asking for improved exchange security finance sell-off was from malicious trading bot not hack to extent India exchanges shut down only had 46 thousand US dollar daily value okay so the SEC says they want to get stricter with the exchanges in the USA and Japan also those says something about their exchanges what was it yes I gotta pee I am actually looking at the chat and people are saying the audio is bad dudes then it then don't pay attention I cannot fix it if you don't let me tell you something you are 80 percenters if you're complaining and you do not understand the situation I said the audio is going to be bad the connection something is wrong I can't restart I its to do this show on YouTube you just can't restart it's not just that easy and I don't have limited time I have to go to an event very soon we're gonna talk about that so if you can't if you're a little baby and you can't get through little sparks then go away you don't deserve to even listen to a word I have to say you little baby so just you wait you're an 80% or if you're gonna complain all day go go play with the trolls alright so again so this guy's saying it was a coordinated attack it was I think you know a bunch of bad things happen at once everyone takes advantage of the situation people are like it's going $6,000 they try to scare when everyone's trying to play off of it and it's so funny this this event the all this news broke during the matte Brown events so you can watch it in you know if you go to the link section below and go to the links back section below see the seats you actually check out my Sunday show which is very unique but check out the archives of the recent shows we've been doing they've been at really weird times as I've been on Australia and South Africa whatever but it's funny to watch the Matt Brown show live and you can see where I was like hey we just heard the finance might have been hacked and at the time we thought it was hacked and all of these people who were traders also like oh you know they said a bad word because a lot of people keep their funds on by Nets and this was just a reminder you know even though it wasn't a real happy trading bot problem don't keep here this is a rind or not to keep your funds there it's a come it's so dangerous that something like there's going to be a hack one day at one of these big big exchanges so that this was a lesson so and again it was also a lesson in fun because people are trying to scare all the weak hands and weak hands were like oh my god is gonna go go the 7,000 dollars they were selling so it was a it was a day to pile on the weak hands if you had a strong and you were immune to all of this nonsense it's being spouted around so again the sec said some things and andy hoffman actually has a very good article about the sec i'm gonna get that to that in a second here i want to say that i ran it i rather there's many people that i knew yesterday abraham camp cambridge came up from cape town he is gonna hopefully i have on the show he's got like a lightning network use case already for his business at the sun exchange check him out you can google him I don't have his link listed below yet because I'm gonna rush again I got a got things to do there's a big event here in kata in Johannesburg that I have to attend so again yeah people were just spreading fake is also to increase that fear about the so-called hack so that you would sell your Bitcoin and become what we can and they could pick it up or cheap so just be aware of games like this again you can follow me at Tech vault-tec HB alt on Twitter I was updating like throughout the show even I was I was out dating and you never the event at the event is so glorious to meet people one on one really you just get such a thrill out of it meeting people that you've talked to here online but then just connecting other people and just seeing that how the copic corning community is growing here and it's exciting in South Africa and how people understand the uncomplicated all aspects of Bitcoin so hey if you're listening to the show pound that like button check out the links section below and you subscribe to this channel and if you're new from South Africa welcome usually you can see me but we're having some technical difficulties because your internet down here is a little messed up but at this hour it's a 6:30 in the morning here and it's 11:30 on the east coast of the United States and so here Andy Hoffman I link to his steamin post about about beast sec situation he says whatever let them shut down the exchanges you control your own private key people don't store your stuff there if they shut down the exchanges they're just it's gonna make Bitcoin more popular it's gonna boost up the price and again it's it's uncomplicated they can't stop it we're kind of combining issues here but I want I'm bringing up the unconscious skateable again because that was something I said in my talk at the event and people here where there have been on some events or people's land are being confiscated by the government they owe a lot of people laughs when I talk about how the government cannot you know I've heard the government's taking some stuff for people down here but they can't take your they can't take your Bitcoin so I'm in the United States we're worried about our government shutting down exchanges are talking about something down exchanges in other parts of the world they have other things to worry about that are much larger than just threats from the government that they deal with wealth so in the United States we'll get through it don't worry I think a lot of people are talking big talk in the United States this is what bureaucrats do and don't let it funny you know the price of the price in terms of dollars is dropped so what we've been through it before when fund like this comes up from the government or that an exchange might have been hacked or something happened in Japan how many times do we have to relive this people and then the price in terms of dollars goes down value well the Bitcoin you still have the same amount of Bitcoin people and the government can't take it from you unconscious k double baby alright so rocking at Africa and he's a two-day event it starts on Thursday which is already today in South Africa Berg I'd link to it below blotchy and Africa Co I look forward they even have a ripple guy speak there there's gonna be a lot of corporate type of people there there gonna be a lot of corporate type of people there so be in motion I'm in motion I'll be meeting new people there I'll have reports maybe I'll do something live from there and maybe it's just great you know there were people I met yesterday you're gonna be there tomorrow too so people people are remote and motion your Matt Brown is emotion just trying to hook non cryptocurrency people up with cryptocurrency he's trying to learn about it here is a link below to Matt Odell and by the way I also linked to Matt Odell's pure Twitter feed he is the Twitter feed of the day this guy rocks man you gotta follow Matt O'Dell it's linked to glow but he says the mount gawk and this is up he's got a chart up here that is awesome all sort of about this mount GOG situation the mount gods trustee has sold thirty five thousand eight hundred forty one Bitcoin for three hundred sixty two million dollars and thirty five four thousand and eight be cash for forty five million dollars according to reports coming out of a creditors meeting held earlier today sales started in December and ended in February well those deeds just sound very familiar to you because that's when Bitcoin was at its all-time high around twenty dollars in terms of dollars and if you look at the chart every time these dudes sold their large amounts of Bitcoin the Bitcoin price went down and whether insiders knew about this or were familiar with these mount GOx addresses and solved the Bitcoin was moving and they all decided to sell 200 or were or was the it was the guy the trustee telling people before he saw what I'm about to sell it so other people were selling bottom line what's done is done Bitcoin lives it was not destroyed by a bunch of insiders who knew about this dumping or just this dump now it clearly wasn't the price drop in terms of dollars if you look at this chart it was clearly had something to do it these mount gawk sales played a role it was it a minor role it's up to interpretation what's done is done they saw it a heck of a lot near the bottom at 6,000 but if a it bounced back in terms of dollars again who cares if here if you think long term if you're a long term holder until the year 2020 you're in great shape because you still have as much Bitcoin as you did before you're gonna have more Bitcoin soon when you trade in your be private for big point but speaking about that hold your be private I say at you double the beat take the be gold approach but modified and a lot of people the person who's after be cash a lot of people regretted selling their be cash right away so they help their be gold a little longer be gold spiked to five percents and then they sold on that one day I think be private they're gonna be people some dumping it at first the price might go down but there will be a lot of people holding it to and I think the price might go up so I am I am in a situation where I mean again I'm not giving financial advice but this is a situation I mean if it if it hits the exchanges real soon might raise or is back in Baltimore okay or back in the state of Maryland okay and I'm in South Africa I'm not gonna be back in the United States until March 21st so I'm holding my be private here I'm holding my boutique might be private that's that's associated with my Bitcoin at least and as you all know I do have a guy not a Bitcoin a good amount of Bitcoin so I'm gonna have a good amount of be private I'll be hanging on to it at least until the 21st was a physical you can't get you can't get it but there's all sorts of people I say yes dudes we're screwed the 5% crew don't sell under 5% of a Bitcoin if it's worth less than 5% hang on to it see what happens so yeah start thinking about your approach to that but there will be some weak hands at first to just sell it you're good for them you know maybe they'll get 2% right away that's great for them let's get it up to 5% so there's an interesting tweet about vitalik out there that I've retweeted by Bitcoin budgie and a lot of people retweeted this retweet once i retweeted it I said retweet a lot Vitalik dies tomorrow aetherium price will plummet if Satoshi dies we won't even notice this is the power of B centralization in the crypto space yes that is some good stuff there all right I talked about how you can watch mats that the matte Brown event yesterday and see how what it looks like when the news breaks about a hack even though it didn't end up being a hat I met a guy named Jason who I think I'm not sure but Jason is a dude who's following me for a while he lives in Pretoria petrea I can't pronounce it which is not far from here and he wants to know about anybody else that is up there cuz he wants to start a group you know just organize the Bitcoin community up there a little bit more maybe maybe there's a little organization already that he doesn't know about it's a big city so you know contact me at a dimitra's or he'll calm I'll put you in touch with Jason Jason in patrol in Vitoria and yeah he's in motion I respect the dude he's gonna be at the event today too so I'm gonna I'm gonna hang out with him maybe I'll get him on air maybe we'll do a show from there if the 50 uh if the internet is better over there I do hope within and that is better over there again Matt O'Dell Matt underscore Odell is that Twitter he's got just he's great he's an up-and-comer on Twitter I'm predicting here so follow him anyway if I'll leave you with this note corporate culture is virtru signaling okay if you working one of those tremendous corporations now they have these corporate cultures in place it's just become one giant virtue signal I mean they say they talk this big time this is why you got to work for yourself become an independent person follow me here on Twitter at Ecuador if you subscribe to this channel like this video you have this video and you're gonna learn more because i'ma do to work for myself travel all around the world I believe in personal responsibility and becoming an independancy what you want it you don't have to bow down to this corporate culture virtue or signaling style which is complete ridiculousness alright i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember subscribe I like to show this for you a pound that like button I'll say hi to you guys in chat and again yeah deal with the UH you didn't see my face today will work on seeing my face tomorrow and I'm glad with dudes stuck around and love to learn and don't care about Frick how it freakin looks around geez see you later

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