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Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is March the 3rd 2018 buy and hold strong hand long-term thinking alright check out the notes section below the links section below yesterday was this week in Bitcoin show diamond Dixon and cilinder we're on oh my god it was rockin they were talking about all sorts of subjects like people under 35 won't invest in stocks and traditional financial products anymore they're interested in the crypto market call them gamblers calm a paradigm shift Simon was talking about that ansel brought up how Bitcoin dominance is really a hundred percent so if you want to see what they mean by all that check out the link section below click on this weekend Bitcoin from yesterday Simon Dixon an asshole in there are great great guests hey I am you know Shotaro in Australia I'm about to leave I just got the shower as you can see and yeah it's been great I will be in South Africa starting on the fifth taught you know you I'm mentioning all these dates and stuff going back in time it planes take a while I'll be in Singapore lay a layover later today and so there's gonna be a I'm gonna do a video right after this that's gonna be pre-taped so there won't be a live show on Sunday you'll get the hang of the people but yo it's gonna be crying I'm just looking forward to being in Africa again and just being in Johannesburg attending the events and hopefully bringing you some really really unique information from on the ground there and come and see me speak on on March the 7th that's linked to below it might already be sold out and then March 8th and 9th I'm going to be at the major blockchain event there I'll be there at Lorien I guess – Towanda will coming in from all sorts of people I know we'll be at that event so it hopefully bring some unique interviews here so okay what do we got here oh yeah just so that the mainstream Imam cryptocurrency news you know the coin desk types they finally did a be private article so good for them good good for them now by the way this Australian Internet today has not been doing me any favors so I hope I'm coming in real clear I will look in the chat right now and ask if I am good am I good I don't know am I good I don't know I'm I'm trying to refresh that but anyway found that oh here we go there yeah it looks like I'm good found that like button people hello there Christopher Julliard and JD and all these other peoples strong hands they say okay I don't usually look in the chat like that so if you want to do a super chance say hi I'll answer some questions okay back to the spec to the news the pumped up about me private you're part of the 5% crew trying to make sure that it's worth 5% you'll like this steam it post that I linked to below and it's very bullish about be private also I link to a be private poll on Twitter I'm a tech ball on there by the way te CH be alt you can follow me on Twitter and also remember something about this side it's very deflation area about be private is that in om for that poll most people are saying they think the private is gonna be worth over $200 which makes sense because people when they were buying to Z classic you should have only been buying the Z classic at prices you thought were lower than what you thought the private was gonna be and it never I don't think the price of beep of a Z classic ever got above 200 so over 200 makes sense all right but we wanted to be over 500 we wanted to be over 5% of the Bitcoin we wanted to be even more than that before getting it for free as Bitcoin holders so also remember 2019 speaking about the flashing areas what I was trying to talk about it 2019 they start drawing unclaimed be private like Satoshi's be private but she will never claim so that that's in deflated there's not gonna be that many be private as you might think they're going to be there slowly and starting in 2019 if everything gets approved they'll start destroying not the ones that never get claimed you don't have to worry about that yet other people don't but no be private is live now we're gonna get to that in a second I'm speaking about Krypton dividend you might remember right around be gold crypto dipping it in I well I was saying once there was a good a successful friend before everyone was gonna start copying and sure enough there were all these people that came out with ideas and one of them was called be cash plus which was actually a fork of a friendly fork a Bitcoin and they were out of the United States but they waited they had the momentum on their side they took their time though I mean they really took their time and they are left behind and it is now lo and behold I found out it's live you can buy it on yo bit exchange and it's like or seven bucks or so I don't know what it's worth they so they blew their opportunity be cash plus was one of the first friendly for crypto dividends to announce themselves but a man they didn't they didn't jump on it they just became one of the crowd so there's a lesson right there we gotta I mean you gotta take your time and make sure your product is good but there comes a point when you just get left behind also so there's if there's a balance there and they didn't they didn't really use their marketing as they could have I guess and kept everyone interesting interesting either so interested it either so it's it's good marketing is important in this crypto Givaudan game as everyone's learning so speak I have talked about crypto charities before now how I think Bitcoin and cryptocurrency just get rid of the middleman I think some of the traditional charities that are out there in the world I mean they just skim so much off the top with with Bitcoin with cryptocurrency all you do is say hey I'm a charity send me Bitcoin no middlemen they directly get it that's it it's that easy because paypaya town or whatever well there is a group out there what is this victims of communism they say cryptocurrencies are subverting a third a photo authoritarian governments worldwide which is why we are officially accepting crypto payments now you can help us tell the truth about communism from anywhere in the world so yeah I linked to that tweet below there obviously I'm not a fan of communism and they're not fans of communism and there but they're fans of Bitcoin and they're not there against a thought our Thorat arianism so they're combining everything and their example of making this easy so there you go that's innovation in charity right there and check them out okay there is a a cryptocurrency out there that then uses the ticket ticker symbol B CTP I forgot what it's even called now and they are totally taking advantage of B privates ticker symbol which is B TCP and they are confusing people in fact I think was two months ago or last night two people who follow me on Twitter send out tweets thinking that finance was doing something with be private when they were really doing something with this BTC PB CTP so be careful out there um clearly be private is so big that this six tier Corning is just living off of it so it says finance distributes air-dropped BC PT tokens yes they do but that's not be private now that hopefully they're covering be private also but people got confused with that tweet so don't get confused don't get too pumped up when you see this uh news about BC PT does that's not be private be private is be TCP pay close attention don't get fooled there's also scams out there that are already saying oh we've got that give us your private key you'll get your be private you should know better than that people be very careful and and yeah read reading comprehension is real important be you make sure you read the sentence carefully and understand what you're reading all right what do we got here oh here the Hawaii thing my a guy in the comment section his name is arc tourist tech he is gonna he's helping clear up this Hawaii situation he says good news 2050 is not a typo now I do legislation that I quoted mention the year 2050 and that it wasn't gonna go into effect until the year 2050 he says it's not a typo the Hawaii legislature recently posts her pone the effective dates of the House and Senate bills to in their words encourage further discussion better yet the Senate bill was pushed back even further to the year 3000 see the committee reports for each House bill 2257 HT to http HT 2 and Senate bill 3o a to SD 1 posted at the Hawaii legislature x' website apparently coinbase and other opponents of these bills submitted testimony that convince lawmakers to put the brakes on there's own there's also language in this Senate bill that effectively eliminates the requirement for money transmitters like coin Bates to maintain 100% cash reserves on every crypto transaction okay so basically they nullified the bill by changing the year these bills that people were not liking and corn-based was not liking or not going to get go to effect anytime soon 2050 is not very soon so that's where it stands now if you're a person hawaii who thinks otherwise please tell me but it's good when the when the government stops interfering like this I consider it a positive may all the governments of the United States and the United States government and all the governments of the world they don't try to fix what's not broken okay if you have laws that are help hurting Bitcoin right now get rid of them all right so the five and by the way pound that light button check out the notes section below and subscribe to this channel the five percent crew that I've been talking about and being a lot of you on Twitter who've been like yeah and on and on reddit saying yes maybe private be worth five percent maybe more five hundred dollars five percent of a Bitcoin because we value our wealth and Bitcoin well anyway I linked to a reddit thread where a guy that wants everyone the pledge did not sell their big they'll be private for under 500 dollars so he's taking it to the next level they're good job dude good job and be private tweeted out the fork has finished read the following reddit post to get started people are saying it went really smooth now we're just waiting for these exchanges to totally allow people the major exchanges let people sell it people over the reddit that the tone over there is real nice now people are pumped up so that's good there is a new company out there called Casa which is trying to serve the holders of the world who own between $400,000 and ten million dollars worth of crypto assets and it is a it's a complex storage method they've got it involves a storage hardware storage devices and signing and anyway I link to there's an article in Forbes that you can find on the official Casa Twitter feed which I agree to below their cost model and also you can go to the website Keys dot Casa so if you have over four hundred thousand dollars worth of area if you have millions of dollars worth of crypto assets hey this is not a cheap service either so it's interesting more competition the better the more safety features and safety options out there are the better there are people you know very wealthy individuals out there and have like eight million dollars ten million dollars or even a million dollars with the cryptocurrencies that will be interested in this so check that out I thought that was very interesting all right or the Meester has a tweet out their junk rally ending after surging to 24% of the total cryptocurrency market in January the non top ten all coins have back have dropped back down below 20% alright so he's talking about non top-tier so they they've gone from 24% market cap to 20% market cap and the non top ten office so these are this is a ready to help to find what's a top-tier or what's not a top-tier again the ones that are not topped here are going to change a lot they're going to go down and Dow value would be very volatile you have to be familiar if you are gonna get into the hawk point and I do not recommend me that I just recommend holding Bitcoin but obviously there are some top tier all coins like like the ones who like coin obviously is one the ones that you can get on your treasurer so the ones the ones that are massively pre mind centralized and all that stuff so learn the difference but I did think that's interesting that torta Meester keeps an eye on everything he's great to follow so check his tweet out below vortex is also another great guy to follow he's also on the world Krypton Network just like me and he has a Lightning Network up post on Twitter I find it very interesting what he's trying to do over there was questioning him about the Lightning Network he's he's a great knowledge source so check out that tweet below people are always asking me about those Lightning Network now speaking of pre mines if you're creating a crypto dividend and you need to and you've got an obviously your centralized okay and everything centralized the big phone alright so get that through everyone's head in some way and even the smallest of weights even you know even like point is still has a little attachment to Charlie Lee okay so even though he's so balls like corn right but the these people rip on people on be gold type of crypt of dividends like all their prey ba they have a pre mind but the same time people complain like why didn't why couldn't be private get on all these exchanges why couldn't be private to XYZ why couldn't they market better and the reason is they didn't have didn't have a way of paying people so when you have a small free mind that's like less than 1% of all the total coins in creation I'm not talking yeah I'm dripping on all points for being pre mind that means like a hundred percent free mind that's not cool but when you're a Crip them dividend like Manero V and you're saying you're gonna have a little to eat free mind because you're gonna try to pay the people that are helping promote who are helping build it I think that's all right I thought it I don't think it should be up aligned screamed to the moon let's flood this coin because they have a small pre mind as was the case with beagle as is the case with monaro V I am NOT I have no problem with them having a smaller tree mine in order to pay the people who work on the coin to make to get the marketing out there so that holders of big coin holders of Manero will be able to get a free coin that is worth more because of these people working on it because they got a small free money alright so keep that keep that in mind but again if you're gonna it if you're creating something that's 100 percent free mind that's totally different this is a big difference between gigantic pre mines and something is less than 1% that they give a reason for okay and yes centralization is not the way cryptocurrencies is supposed to be hey we got a deal Bitcoin that's why bitcoin is the king okay and that's why I only tell people if you're gonna buy wine up I've and I have only used Fiat to purchase Bitcoin I did it again get the other stuff for free get the crypto dividends for free by holding that's the whole beauty of being a holder in a long term thinker pound that like button and manera V also has a status update on their Twitter exciting news from an arrow be after a long wait and many requests here's a sneak peek of the GU of the juban GUI wallet soon to be available okay they're not forking their that's not or their snapshot is not until March the 14th so we'll have more updates I don't be fooled oh I I just received a message from some fake scam or saying hey you need to register for Manero be pleased and send us money you ignore that kind of stuff people also people are talking about be very careful when talking people are talking about rejuvenating dead altcoins okay this there's already rumors about people saying well maybe they'll be on L private a light point ride it that they're gonna fork off of Z of Z classic and this is just like when they and I had warned people about this and it turned out to be totally fake when there was that spread coin rumor they were gonna fork something off called Bitcoin spread be spread off of that and it never happened but it temporarily pumped the the the spread point price you gotta be very careful about these dead all kinds of people are trying that they start rumor in about though coming back to life you can't believe it until there's a real team and more than just a Twitter feed and again with the rumor of ELQ private that's just a rumor but all of a sudden if there's an L private Twitter it doesn't mean that there's really going to be a Z classic fork in them until this thing called out private be very careful keep following this show I try to give updates and warnings about things like that that better on the uh potentially on the horizon and are just out there in rumor Lana all right a hundred live viewers really good found that like button I'm out of here for now i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister that disrupt months to remember to subscribe to this channel like this video share this video check out the notes section below i hope i hope i didn't leave anything out if i did it'll be the next video see you guys in africa

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