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hey guys it's PSYCHE GEM over here and I'm here today to explain to you what school w here the slangs like crypto world see when you go on those when you go on credit go on though it's a chance you're gonna know what to put the hell people are talking about when you go and slap when you go and talk about eccentric cetera et cetera okay so first thing check this out hello la anyway the first thing I want to talk about is the turns of term HODL okay what that what that crypto term comes from it comes from a misspelling of the word hold okay cuz way back in 26 2013 the sky you put a rant on Bitcoin talk org go check it out I'll leave links below and so you can actually read it's hilarious alright he goes you know this one because woo to the moon right and then it would do down back to earth below so and then he was you know obviously he lost a lot of money he got wrecked that's another term he got wrecked and so what he does he went on a rant he would rant and rave he said hey you know I'm not smarter so you all you trainers out there you guys have already made so much won in Bitcoin but I'm not that smart all I'm gonna do is I'm gonna huddle it's a misspelling of the word hold again okay he went on and on like his uh his girlfriend a wife turned lesbian whiskey exert a lot typos it's funny it's hilarious and lowdown days when the crypto markets all red hey you can still make you smile and still it makes me smile sometimes when I read it huh okay so that's one term next one is a fun dimension is to the moon which to the moon means is that in the crypto land the corrupt or universe we don't measure gain some percentage just like the stock markets bonds equities no we measure things in X's okay 1 X 2 X 3 X 4 10x or even a hundred x or a thousand x like for example if you invested for like one of the ones that comes to my head right now is Neil in about a year ago it ready reach like 10,000 percent gain imagine that guy's just imagine that you know I'm gonna see that in the stock market you know why because that's all right but I'm stopping now it's a new economy that's why you gotta that's why you gotta get on it gotta get on it ok so that's another term for the moon because in the crypto we don't Bowl linear we go parabolic got that literally like like you my SpaceX the Falcon going to Mars we're gonna get there you know why it's a new economy it's a new world you gotta come and participate so that's one the other one is full no I'm sure you guys heard that term before so you're missing out so the markets they behave crazy this highly volatile not for the weak of heart what it is is because a lot of people when they see things going up there go they hop off cuz I'm missing out but then know what everyone jumps on and then it's a little dip BAM it comes crashing down so much volatility so FOMO don't trade on your on your phone lows okay your feeders and them that brings me to another one if you deep foot another term fear and certainty doubt all those things that they're telling you out they on the mainstream media Jimmy Jamie Dimon oh no let's stuff like that Queens this Bitcoin is you know it's gonna go down to zero it sucks it exists anymore that's fun fear uncertainty and doubt okay this is a place where you can't have fears or you have fears you deal with it you gotta push on be strong okay a th all times I'd that connects the self explanitory whales whales are people have a lot of poise a lot of Bitcoin we don't know who they are it's you know studio anonymous type of world whales they can they can manipulate the market either high or low to put it on what profit they have to gain okay um I see how that's another term initial point offs and I'll do another video about explaining initial corn awesome so I think it's a great opportunity to have correct as I mentioned before re Katie what that means you know man you you you got you panic you panic sold and Wow you'd like sold only Bitcoin you sold on your III am you sold whatever you sold all your yes you sold them all and a little oh you bought a high and then you sell low that means you got wrecked you lost it all by see you gotta give me you're gonna start over again learn from that mistake and move forward and another one you heard up there is new like new beanie learning lenny cuz it all declare new okay that's so that's all that means okay so those are some quick crypto slayings I'll leave some links below for that term huddled so I think it's awesome and I'll type out all these uh swings for you and if you have any questions leave some comments below and once again this is psyche gem from Bitcoin bytes see you later buds

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