The 1 Bitcoin Show- Great Bprivate momentum! Talk BTCP up to 5%! Israel, Marshall Islands

hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is February the 28th 2018 strong hand long term thinking Bitcoin crypto dividends baby yeah yeah and it was a good day it was a legendary day um its poor ama it's plural now because it's dark on East Coast it's March first here in Darwin Australia have before them talk sameah check out the links section below if you want to get t-shirts from cryptography tea there's all sorts of discount codes crypto HW wallet comm you know the store I say this every single time but there are discount code so you can get treasures Ledger's and all of that great stuff also linked to the Johannesburg urban I'm speaking at on the staff I'm it's almost sold out so get your tickets while they're there if you're in Johannesburg it's gonna be great and I will meet every every soon person that's at that Joe has forgiven and wants to meet me come up to me I will talk to you every single person I'm not leaving there too I mean every person must meet me same in all the events than on that whether it's Los Angeles event is on April 2 24 April the 17th best link to below and also Boulder Colorado April 24th that is linked to below get your April 25th excuse me get your tickets there it's linked to below of course and some of them the super check big kings low Cho join said it's going down yeah baby it's going down by the way now I'm going to talk about Bitcoin cryptocurrency and music a little later on I got a friend who sent me out a tweet but okay let let's get into I mean what has happened over the last 24 hours with the be private fork with the crypto dividend now first book reminder everyone I talk about this because I'm all about holding Bitcoin okay and when you hold Bitcoin you get these free crypt of dividends be private is one of them it's a very special one because you held Z classic also it was a shortcut to getting this Bitcoin crypto dividend and a lot of people bought up a Z classic and there was a lot of interest on what big tracks was going to do he's a lot of people are holding there's the class even though they shouldn't have been but they were and a lot of people who follow this channel who enjoy unique information first heard about the Z classic side of this crypto given in back on before December 26 but actually December 26 I name is show dedicated just to be private when I was at the Tucson freaking Airport okay it is linked to below so you can Reese relive the glorious memories if you took that information to heart on the next video after that I even say that it was a great a speculation and that if you could afford it if you're a person who is done well with Bitcoin over time and not everyone is like that you know if you're elite in that way and you can you know dabble use your be gold to get you some Z classic which will get you some extra be private and on the next video I said I did that actually and as many people know it is that I even mention things like that that I even consider something a legitimate speculation its its momentous okay for this for this channel many many of you ask me questions about all sorts of all points I'm like I don't care so when I when I talk about something like that like I did on December 26 December 27th also it was December 24th I think I really started talking about it you know it's gonna be something that's different and um yeah it's ending up really awesome for the people who paid less than 01% for busy classic stuff okay you got to remember people keep this in mind and I'm getting to the point here is that before red and all those dudes said they were gonna fork off this Bitcoin crypto dividend from Z classic it was less than 0

1% of a Bitcoin okay it was like between two and four dollars I don't value my wealth in dollars though I looked at it I saw this thing is less than 01% of a Bitcoin and now thought Zee classic by the way if you want to be private because as I said many times on this channel Zee classic is totally worthless and unless they can find something to do with it but it doesn't have it have a development team anymore once the be private comes out once the once the snapshot is taken the dizzy classic is is basically worthless I've seen it it's a dead coin now that like button by the way people check out the note section below and subscribe to this channel if you like unique type of information that very much deals with big clump is this is all about Bitcoin holding everything that has went down has helped it everything is turned around in the V private has great momentum now which is great for Bitcoin holders who are gonna be able to get that on March the second okay that is when this it is fully operational it's not snapshot has already been taken but you're gonna be predictive stuff you know split it from wherever you're storing it at and I can go into all the technical details about that this is not that easy yet um but March the second but anyway I digress back injury so people there are some fun stirs out there they're like oh my god the price of Z classic has crashed to point you know 027% of a Bitcoin who cares well who you have the free you bought it so you got the be private we already knew that be private with that Z classic almost got up to 2% of a Bitcoin okay that's the future was the futures market that was with the the market was saying it valued be private at was what Z classic got to and it could have gotten to more we don't know how well it could have don't have big tricks plat clarify the situation earlier but whatever we cannot look back on that now we got to look to the positive future here for be private okay so we know there's tremendous potential there so all of you that are now screaming like oh hey why is the classic we're so little so little it's worth point to 8% point to 7% it used to be worth point less than 01% before rent and all those guys got their hands on it so if you bought it before it was even worth point to 8% now getting rid of all your Z classic not even taking account the be private you're getting oh my god you did so well and if you went to Z classic Brown if you were a speculator that's the only reason you should have bought this is if you couldn't afford to lose everything you're doing great you paid I mean yeah I mean you got the B pride you're getting to be private and you got this bonus that you can still at this very moment people are paying 027% of a Bitcoin for this worthless Z classic it's worthless now there's no reason the bottom why buy a dead coin you're not getting if you buy not nothing numb you're not going to be private from it so again so the 80 percenters will buy anything it is the lesson I mean maybe there's a lot of people that don't understand what has happened and you did get come it did get complex it did get complex you got to pay close attention to shows like this okay and again it there was big tricks waited till 8 hours beforehand to do the right thing okay that that wasn't easy to be that patient I know I preach patience that was hard core discipline there okay hard core discipline a lot of people panic a lot of people panicked but they did in the end of the day if your Bitcoin holder and getting is for free the momentum is great now so it's fine it's great it's awesome um so where where are we here I said a lot that I written down here now some of is gonna get a little repetitive today because I just wrote down a lot of things so it's it's not over yet people this is this is not over it has not come out yet to be private you can't no one has it yet but if you did the right things before the fork you're entitled if you have been coming before the fork you're entitled to it if you Heisey classic i mean before the snapshot you're entitled to if you have z-class before a snapshot you're entitled to it okay and there's excitement in the air we know it it can reach close to two percent that's better than be cold it's actually anonymous they got marketing the guys gotta do a little bit better with the marketing but we can mark it and they've been doing it big enough doing a fine job but they've been silent because these legal things that I do not understand and it's all going to get explained in the long run it's all gonna get explained lining wrong why they were silent why bit tricks did this why they applied to this one and not that one not this sixty and there are exchanges where you're gonna be provide this stuff or sell this stuff which is what we care about because we're getting it for free but you know this guy so no you're not going to buy it and pay tricks or sell it at matrix but your if you had your Z classic at matrix they're giving it to you and I'm gonna go over that in a second um but we gotta aim high well other people that are basically putting out a fake news by saying oh my god the prices the classic has dropped so much it's totally who cares that it should be at zero I mean it should be yet less than a 0

1% is just amazing it's doing great Z classic for being a totally worthless going now it's doing incredible which just shows you the potential in something real like um like be private so we as a community here we still got to tweet out the treasure or just some fourth guess they're probably not gonna support it but why not what if they see there's a lot of interest out there and there is a lot of interest down there okay there is more so than all these nameless super BTC and lightning PTC and candy BCTC and pick your nose BTC okay it's there's been too many of them this one it's in the news because of the Z classic stuff people up there are trick so again allow the N toward Beatrix was from people that were traders that were flippers but whatever they've got their hands on being now and they're satisfying by what happened with big tracks now what's gonna happen the big tracks after this are some people still hungry a bit tricks fine be angry at the tracks do what you got to do to bid tracks it's a free country you can do what you want to do as an individual but um there's no blaming there's no looking back now everyone's got what they got but as a community we gotta aim high for this be private we gotta say why not 5% yes 5% why not 5% why not why can't be private be worth 5% of a Bitcoin I mean be cash got up has gotten up to 30% sometimes be gold got up to 5% at one point be there still um you know but be cash is still what 12% be gold is still over 1% why not why not a mean high this is about marketing here it's a marketing team as Eclat be private is handicapped for some reason they can't say certain things we as a community can be proactive we could be in motion we were in motion the last few days and maybe that helped get bit tricks to do to make this split easy for a lot of people I'm gonna get people like oh this isn't it doesn't have to be easy I'm able to claim I'd be private good for you dude good for you it easier it is the better it is that the minute that be pride vet that be treks made that announcement and it was very late at night on the East Coast so you guys were not awake I was wide awake here's the middle of the day here in taro mustard okay when they clarified why all the wallets had gone down why the Z classic and wallet had gone down and people were panicking when they kind of try and say we're gonna credit you your be private the price went from 076 percent of a Bitcoin all the way up to 12 percent are close to one point two percent yak fast that is how much people paired up is I told you that's how important Beatrix was to all of this so the momentum was there again the momentum is there again so why now we're gonna hike this thing up there's no there's nothing wrong it's insane five percent there's nothing wrong and hyping this up just get that I'm out there get it in the 80 percenters head let them buy it for that much I don't whatever whatever if the negative Nellie's get to say what they're gonna say the positive people people on motion the people who are getting this thing for free who want this to do to be the best that it can be who want to get rich off this thing there's nothing wrong with that in the world people there's nothing wrong don't even guilty you want to make your family wealth you want to do good for yourself you want to do good for your people there's nothing wrong with that in the world so say 5% burn for the good of your people for the good of yourself for the good of your family for the good of Bitcoin baby because holding is a logical thing to do holding is the best thing to do think long term and baby let's hike this thing to the mood for God's sakes and you know if people are going to say bad things let them say the bad things we're gonna say the good things baby I think about this I felt yesterday turn out great in a long run and you can you can see that I was not down with it turning out bad I was fighting and crawling to the claw and trying to you know trying to do my best to the last freaking minute so I'm real happy that being in motion that being loud like this you know in it might have made a difference it might have made a difference with it put the pressure you know put the pressure on bit wrecks to do the thing and here eyes wide open cents $10 she says Midtown Meister's baby dude you can say whatever you want to say thank you for the $10 I don't know P I'm a real am I am I am in town I mean I I talk about people go in there I'm an independent person I know that individual responsibility personal responsibility is the new counterculture don't if you messed up yesterday you only have yourself to blame okay move on we're gonna get get this thing hyped up and you'll be and if you're a holder a Bitcoin you're gonna do fine you're gonna do fine you're getting something for free that's got some momentum here that they're gonna it's gonna get hopefully listed on Finance they've already announced some Asian exchanges and stuff that it's gonna be listed on this is good momentum this is good stuff all right well I'd really talk a lot more off script than I plan to but I'm okay I believe it can be bigger than be cold I want it to be bigger than be cold I wanted to be bigger than be cash but I'm coming up with an easy thing for you remember 5% tweet that out there copy me on it I will retweet you retweet this stuff retweet the good stuff about the the be private and it was we're getting it for free if you if you hold that up if you hold that Bitcoin in and I know some of you hold that beep right a Z classic also from before the fork or halibut you know there's no reason the whole disease masks any more people no reason get your point to seven percent now because that's a real good freebie that's a real good bonus that a lot of people did not count on and and again if you don't understand why it doesn't matter that Z classic has crashed supposedly crashed that you do not understand the entire concept behind this double fork this spork okay that this be private is just a replacement for Z classic the replacement is there now no point is he classy and less does eClass the community comes up with something be my guest that'd be great they came up with something for a use case and then it's somehow this price could be maintained I'm good luck to them alright so um whether it will tweet out I'll retweet it every people get the big chains keeps giving two dollars thank you so much I missed two of my super chats you missed you my thank you to thank you yes I did I'm sorry I missed – you're super attached you're sending me two dollars at a time thank you thank you to all the people who support this channel and in any way by tweeting by by sending super text by sending cryptocurrency um you know just just spread the word about the channel pound that like button that that alone is great support that alone is great support happy poor on this is day you're you're supposed to drink actually or have a good time in the Jewish religious I do not drink but I am having a good time it's been a good forum it's been a good poram I was it was the fasted Esther yes so I fasted I didn't even notice I was fasting isn't it's such a short little fast wait you can't have water for 15 hours it's not not due to the don't don't fasting by the way health fasting you should have water when you're fasting for 24 hours if you're doing it for health reasons Jewish religion fast are different than health best we went over anybody okay let's go back here let's go back to the script because there is a lot of things there's gonna be a long show there's gonna be a long show so coming up like then um so uh I'd like to see be rhodium turn out to be great also you know you know but these they're not gonna all of the cryptic dividends of Bitcoin you're not competing against we want them all to do well I mean they did one doing bad doesn't help another one do good let's say this way let's put it that way okay so two can do good I'm not gonna say they're not competing I mean they're competing for attention they're competing for exchanges to cover them or whatever but they both can do fine and we should help them all you know it's a the be very encrypted dividend approach is unique um how you had to sign up helps an airdrop they're really taking their time the rest they should ramp up the customer service even more and keep up the good work and and others are gonna try to replicate them if it does well so I think they I wish them all the greatness in the world I'm gonna keep talking about the rhodium because they are doing the right things it appears so you should retweet them to and stuff but we're all we're on the cusp of the the private thing here everyone I mean March 2nd is the 4th day I mean that's it I mean we're there we're there ok I mentioned Z classic doing very well the Kurt the current price has zero to do with be privates future yes the current the current price of Z classic has nothing to do with the privates feature and yeah I'm still so happy about Z about the matrix correctness situation with Z classic and a lot of 80 percenters out there be private surpassing be gold I'm just read so anyway and also with the be private it might I'm not saying to do it why don't you get that be private do I'm not gonna give any advice on if you should dump it right away or right wait I mean they're working on a lot of things clearly clearly I mean I think a lot of people learn from be cat a lot of people that apply to be gold what they learn to be cash a lot of people dump be cash right away which was fine if you got your 10% for because it's great but they didn't want to dump me gold right away because they knew that the cash went up a little later so you know what you're gonna do that the beep right let's follow what these be private guys are doing they're gonna have their own decentralized exchange great great whatever you some stuff be private come up with some gimmicks here but as a community let's just throw that 5% number out there what the heck why not why don't I be private be worth 5% of the Bitcoin that would be that would be great for people who have like and if you have 10 big G's all right so uh mark here let's get off Marshall Islands there's fifty three thousand people living large enough you know Marshall Islands and I link to an article that they're gonna start up their own national cryptocurrency they're going to be 24 million tokens represent they're gonna 24 million token cap they're gonna have a cat and it represents the 24 municipalities of the Marshall Islands and I and there have a nice video but I find it interesting because they're gonna have a cat well they're gonna people are they gonna keep that supply cat forever I mean that's what they're implying are they gonna be like Bitcoin it's gonna be a hard cap never more than 21 million for Bitcoin never more than 24 million for the Marshall Islands if the Marshall Islands you know right now they use the dollar they're very much intertwined with the United States the Marshall Islands we actually uh militarily protect them I believe they're not a territory they're independent company country but they're intertwined with us so if this is success again and and here the guy is super low John big gene sends me two dollars again he says I'm ignoring you I keep betting it every time thanks for two dollars dude thank you dude I love what what else do you want me to say well I'd be what else you want me to say thank you for two dollars thank you for the support but n we go back you should go to the Marshall Islands it's a beautiful place apparently but let's see how well this goes because this is a UH a little bit different than Venezuela a little bit different than Turkey or Iran or other places they're talking about doing it so if they really keep the hard cap it'll be an interesting experiment um and again how let's go back to be private again we're going back to be four and we're talking about be private in it if you don't like to talk about Bitcoin crypt of dividends then I guess I don't know what to say you know watch a channel that has a you know some channels are going in some interesting directions they just you know hire some woman just because she's got nice ies and stuff and people watch also if you like that if you learn from nice movies on a you know some woman I mean good who peer we're gonna talk about crypto dividends and not against the guys that you don't want to have sex with her what I mean I mean obviously tone whilst I mean I hope she gets shown some satisfaction and stuff it's poor baby I must have been drinking have a party you know I was gonna dress up like that girl for forum but I don't have a wig and everything you know she's comfy you know she's got big that's why I mean yeah nice bike she's gonna hit the wall pretty soon it looks like she might hit the wide about that woman whatever you know if you like to look at stuff like that this is not learning this show on this town I'm gonna talk about pretty dividends and people who hold Bitcoin and really tell me I mean you should get some action from that girl I'm here because she's using you do you understand I mean and I if you're if you're like totally white 19 for her that's pathetic I hope he's not 194 I mean if he's white 90 for her guys there's a lesson right there you just don't you know but you don't you don't like give someone ice get some woman something for free and then you get you get nothing I mean and you because you're like oh I want to give this girl a chance she's obviously knows a lot she's got nices people gonna watch no I mean I mean every word I say I can say stuff like this anyway I had to be the shows I hadn't be able to watch the shows us but I see this girl to be ies on there what kind of route are they going here with this so I mean I hope he's getting them I mean you can't say that word that has a being that Jane in it I mean at least something like that I mean I've come on man don't be white knighting you know someone said meek towel before hand and this is the real type of talk you get here because I can say anything this is what freedom is dude this is this is count individual personal responsibility you know if people don't like what I'm saying go away I don't care what whenever I can't be fired I can't be fired I was not can i fire myself and I found myself anyways so show here you're gonna hear about that you know big point crypto dividends and we're talking it up as you're getting this stuff for free and the more conviction you put behind this the more lucrative it's gonna be for you for just holding the Bitcoin so should talk talk a big game at the be private talk you know pretend that be private a white knight for the big private don't white knight for that girl that's not gonna give you any action because and and you gave her and you put her on your side he's obese show do you have been girls there was that girl in Florida who's got like you know four kids or whatever she's a single mom for cuz she wanted to appear on my show she can I appear on your show yeah I'd be a great guest for you or she want to do a combine show with me or something okay no no I just put some woman on this Joe I got a white night am i I'm not some simpler but I come on man they come on man I don't need to do that yeah next a lot of young guys out there will be cool if I give her this new some action this is the Internet for God's sakes you gives us do someone a favor in another city that go get you're never gonna meet you in the world they totally just ripped you off you just gave them all this you know all this attention for their godforsaken nonsense channel or whatever and and you get nothing in return look I had a pretty girl on my channel know my sore doesn't fall for stuff for like Dan and seriously that girl uh there's some girl Flores got like four kids a single mom Oh for example and you guys like the wanted to be on my show and whatever you know who she didn't forgot what her name is I'm gonna see you around in the chats and stuff anymore anyway um but at beginning its its porn baby oh yeah that's love it and you not drink I do not but if you do drink the time for a man have a fun time have a fun time tonight people you whether to be in Tel Aviv or Manhattan or Brooklyn or whatever and Baltimore have a fun time all right Oh someone Blasi just sent three dollars and blast he's got a female looking uh avatar there uh you know it's up and it's a hot female but hey dude I'm not that's great you're hot three dollars thank you dude and big chance keep someone giving two dollars she says hit hit me the F up you're super sad is broken this tie doesn't understand how any of this stuff works dude just not giving you money it's that stop just not do I don't think you understand I don't I don't know if you understand what you're even doing and then just I mean there's a lot of people in the space that at that encounter the spork who did not know what was going on there was a lot of you know in this space there's a lot of reading comprehension okay you gotta read these notices that get sent out and understand what every word means and if you don't you can't play in the game this is where the big boys play and a lot of people were panicking and not understanding what bit Rex was doing and what C classic was doing and everything and they did get hurt and you disrobe it boys play there's no one to bail you out you've got to understand fully what you're getting into what you're getting into okay so uh and you know tone is part of the World Cup they've never so much it's awesome listen watch or listen to our podcast on the podcast it's linked to below and everything I guess you can hear that girl you see anybody on the podcast you can't see her and everything so I don't know is she smart I know her last names of all oh is it the sounds like Waldman I thought Waldman is she from my tribe or something you gotta find yourself some ties there she sat on the Rainbow Room tonight she's Waldman celebratin flora I don't early if it's a short football didn't they know it doesn't matter what religion a person isn't of it I'm talking talking too much about the I guess I guess they must they must have distracted me too no they they know no distract the meister i was freaking one yesterday with everything that happened obviously I'm super happy because I did obviously did well because again it's if you if you want to just have entertainment and hear gossip it could all these people are into crypto gossip you know what's the latest with that who's got the co-host what did Richard Hart do whatever this that and dirt and by the way we should hurt to me come on the tongue show that sucks that you didn't do that that's not good but again there's so many people that ask me about little gossipy questions if you're in the gossip I get out of this space dude this is about making frickin money this is about forgetting 5% getting this uh frickin crypto giving it up to five percent if you want go look at the playboycom or whatever that's not about making money it's wasting your time away wasting your time looking at the all day anyway so um but if you're looking at the numbers all day you're studying these freaking numbers are you watching a show like this and watching this on December the 26th 2017 I'm sure you're pretty darn happy right now pretty darn happy and you can buy a nice you can you can buy what's behind those b real nice okay trust me they help it to get something a lot better looking than what song tones channel right now and once you got that once you're an elite bitcoin holder you can get anything you want if you want to dabble in that type of thing nothing wrong with abstaining okay it's you know if you're not a married person you should have beat random sex and all that so you know get comic down time just think straight here try to think Shane did you dump your Z classic oh yeah oh yeah I got it that's Blasi just said that did I dumped a heck yeah I dumped that Z classic it's worthless now but then I got anything for it I thank Hashem oh my god it's it's amazing it's amazing I I dumped I'd see classic but I get done I'm so happy that he got is getting me this freebie private um so oh yeah and if you read between the lines I just said um if you're a real smart person you can you'll know a little bit something about how I held my Zee classic that's at least at the end well I'm not gonna say anymore so um what okay so what's done is done here and as individuals you can do what you want to do to bid traction boycott and you could be angry and I'm still whatever you want to do they did come through in the end it um so yeah we're part one is done now part two is just everybody with a Bitcoin getting there or you know well part two is actually the fork and everybody with Bitcoin getting there or splitting it sending it exchanges Sally and keeping it holding it um so this explore the middle this experiment this be private thing let's let's take it to the moon we're getting it for free and hey it's awesome so what I have learned from this experience in terms of what other coins need to learn is that well first of all shutting to if you're in exchange and you've got Bitcoin and people are saying hey I'm keeping my Bitcoin in my at your exchange you can have to credit me well it's really hard it's they have to shut down the Bitcoin side of the exchange for 24 hours to do the snapshot to do a proper snapshot and clearly the treks wasn't going to do that so people are some people might have been keeping Bitcoin into tricks we should not have been doing and yeah they didn't they weren't gonna shut down Bitcoin to just credit you be private it was not worth their while to do that I mean their bitcoin is the world reserve cryptocurrency a major exchange just can't turn off their Bitcoin wallet to to help a crypto dividend they did do it with be golden and be cash definitely be cash um and and those are those are quite huge but they learn their lessons from that I mean they just gonna can't do that but that is why I think also that if you are a top tier all coin you might have an error if your person wants to fork a coin you might want to do it off with on top – you're all coin because it's easier for that exchange to turn off their light coin wallet than it is the turn off their big coin wallet for snapshot and big trucks in the end of the day was willing to turn off their Z classic wallet it still turned off from what I've heard actually so the shutting down of Bitcoin trading for an exchange do a proper Bitcoin fork snapshot is a serious matter that's what I had written down as fear of splitting the Bitcoin side of the fork since it would shut down huge hunks of all the business so they they it could and then they did since they weren't going to shut down the Bitcoin side then you want to shut down there's a classic site either it looks like it tracks and I mean we'll never really know and let's a convenient problem happen will the convenient problem that happened was that so many people were trying to deposit see classic and take out Z classic that it just jammed up their wallet and they had to turn off the the Z classic wallet it appears they had to do that and since they knew they were in that situation they're like they were probably like you know we got a credit these these people were obviously playing around too much with our Z classic lot because they want this be private we gotta just shut everything down now and just say they're getting their be private so in the last 48 hours were insane the last 24 hours were it seemed totally unprecedented totally memorable and I hope it treated all you well and and I hope we all learned a lot left a lot of lessons I hope my narrow ve learns lessons from this I hope the rhodium learns lessons from it I hope a lot of people a lot of coins that we go up coin from the dividends bit quicker the dividends learn a lot of lessons from this cuz we as big phone holders want to get as much as possible for free from a big dividends anyway as I said before in my previous videos once big tricks was clear and made this easy the price would go up and now be private we'll start out on on positive momentum instead of the horrible toxic atmosphere of 24 hours ago one cannot deny that the Atmos fear from the big tricks be private what the heck is going on situation from 21 24 hours ago was horrible and toxic and it is gone now thank us gem and just let's keep the positive don't let's cut keep it going let's aim for 5% here a hundred live viewers pound that like button thanks for bearing with me people this is a long rambling wild one but hey we kept what you get when it's poor Amin when I'm excited I'm excited to be freaking alive people and to be free and to be able to say whatever I please go wherever I want to go baby and yes I look for the returning Africa on marks the fifth for the first time since 2016 to be back on the continent but it's just it's it's amazing going from continent to continent Asia to Australia to Africa the South America and then the North America it is just a tease I'm loving it baby I'm loving this stuff baby and it's it's because I plan this life off I'm a long-term thinker I think 2020 I plan ahead people just plan ahead take it slow sometimes when you're thinking think it through reading comprehension listening comprehension again a lot of people make mistakes because they were rushing through this and panicking and couldn't have strong hands by Dom keep on having her strong and they were list they were getting confused people were like I'm topping my Z classic now it's worthless to dump it before the fork was such a mistake if you controlled your private key if you had that ability it was such a mistake um alright so here step by step if you had this if you had your Z classy fit tricks you should have dumped your Z classic by now okay I mean logically at least you should add because there's no telling how much more Z classic it's gonna mean again it should be worthless you're lucky that it's at point two eight percent okay so now what's going to happen if you have your Z classic there you're gonna credit you your B Friday you're gonna have to wait until at least March the night until they actually give you your be private they have said it's going to take at least a week it appears after the fourth date which is March the second is the fourth date so they will credit you your be private then at that point you're not going to be able to sell it on big trucks you're not going to be able to sell it on the tricks again I'm talking about people who held Z classic their or get her before the fork or get it before the snapshot who are getting me credited that you will have it around March the 9th it might take a little longer once you have it there you know how be able to saw it there you will need to send it either to a wallet a paper wallet for me private if you want to hold it or the official be private wallet download or if you want to dump it if you want to sell it you'll send it to hopefully by enhance by then will be you know you'll be able to do the finance there are other changes in the works there's some Asian one I forgot what it's called the people we're excited about you'll send it there and then you'll sell it so take your time do not don't get scanned out of it or anything like that and no I'm not a jet free bus that don't tell people who dumped I'm not telling people who dumped but there are people who are going to want to dump I said it Jeffrey earlier in the show I said we don't know there's different there's different options to take you can be what has happened with be people have different strategies because of their experiences with that what if you people whatever you've learned from be cash and be gold apply to this situation if you feel like it's that this thing can go up even more and again it could people are gonna have a harder time splitting it from the big coin not everyone's gonna be there's not gonna be any mass dump at first well until at least that until at least the knife because people aren't going to be getting it in masses right away again I something that I didn't I didn't end a thought that I had earlier a lot of the people that were involved in the Z classic side of this well a lot of them were just traders who bending care about they just care about the price rise from December 26 until the end so I mean they solve it for who knows what they didn't care about getting to be private but then there were some who just want to get their be private who now just care about the price of the be private and whenever they decide they think they've had enough they're gonna sell it so but so so there are a lot of they're very interested parties in this is what I'm saying already there's interested parties in this and their various different types of interested parties in this proactive they have you have to go through a lot to get this side to get the Z classic side of the beat private okay it wasn't as simple as just holding your big coin so there is gonna be some weird action at first and weird and strategies you just got to think through what do these traders gonna do they got this this way we're gonna have to see so being a motion pays off it really does pay off and yeah I can as soon as I as they made their announcement that bitch Rex was going to to do this but they were gonna credit everybody eight hours before the freaking thing I mean I tweeted it out I mean I I wondered if our voices helped because there were a lot of people it wasn't just me there were a lot of people they were retweeting me they were tweeting their own things that were putting pressure on big tracks it was great it was great to see the community be in motion like that and just be proactive and it just shows you what we might be able to do if we just start throwing around this 5% number why not why not just throw around turn around um maybe don't pick up steam and everyone's gonna think if you say it enough well then yeah it's worth 5% dude I've seen crazier things happen seen crazier things happen people and it is crazier that Z classic is worth anything to help at this point that's worth 20 to 8% of a Bitcoin so if you have Z classic and bit tracks you will be credited be private eventually yes I've said that many times Adam why do I have that written down holders went again to the moon all right okay I've said many times that be private is replacement procedure like and there's not many more ways that I can say that into replacement appears that to be in there but uh yeah but again big big trucks didn't have to do this but I mean it was the replacement for their number two coin a replacement for their number of two coin so they did it maybe they were forced to do it um and the reason you know and I'm I'm speculating too much about why they did it it doesn't matter what's thought is done that should be your motto we're moving to the future but hey I'm talking all sorts of stuff tonight the ghetto nerd out of Detroit you've heard me mention him before you can buy you can get his album at Spotify I linked to the tweet but he just sent out and I actually retweeted it you can follow me people at tech ball on Twitter I sort of said that earlier tch be alt and you can you saw me a steam it at bitcoinmeister where this show is live right now and yet and what I'm about to say something that I said yesterday but it's worth repeating this entire paragraph Kryptos are not supposed to be centralized but clearly crypto dividends are and they can they can have customer service because of this and a customer service oriented crypt of dividend will win service is priority should be priority number one with these cryptic dividends if you're coming up with a new one if you're in the middle of one to service up to a new level people and again in the exclusive boutique type of fork that has like great customer service and and maybe that's air-dropped instead of done miss whoo hey hear that Abby pride it was on it if it's done in the V rhodium way that might be that that might be the road to success there B rhodium there in the middle there's maybe they become a boutique customer service type of a fork hey man maybe to the moon for them and I want them to do well and again they're taking their time so there's really no new updates with them but you know if these if these coins if these are crypto dividends come up with some type of 24/7 customer service application that's great they're gonna do real well it'll be well worth it you invest you know they could have a pre mine that pays for their customer service that's great and yeah I know they're not supposed to be centralized a criminalist her and she's not supposed to be centralized and who is not centralized and that's in the end of the day it's all about getting more Bitcoin and we're getting these crypto dividends for free if they need to be centralized if they need to have three minds in order for us to get more Bigpoint through them and let it be let it be whisper words of wisdom let it be big ies on the other channel not here all right so tell net Lachlan clarity and transparency let's learn those words let's understand them oh here Bing says me and geto nerd or dropping attack dude bitching seriously be in motion and contact ghetto nerd in Detroit I think you know I see you could like cooked up you're both interesting cryptocurrency um I mean he's from Detroit so he's around the hip-hop and stuff he's around it um and he's rapping if he does rap yeah I forgot his whole story yeah he used yeah he makes ret he does clean rapping because he's the father now and stop he doesn't use harsh words I I read about you and him should get together there we go I am hooking up people on my show I am a connector and I've heard big things I forgot what city you're in man you go up to Detroit you go to um eight mile whatever you hang out with get a nerd and I think governor might live on I don't know what's I don't know is in the city or the other side you know there's cute there's in cities like Baltimore and Detroit um a lot of people in America don't realize this we have some we have some suburbs that are pretty rough pretend I'm not saying that ghetto nerd has a living a rough summer I hope he lives in a great summer he's got kids and stuff yeah but it just made me think it's something I want and blasty thank you for the $2 like again a lot of people doing the super chat be Kings just sent $10 I got more Bitcoin than you Adam fu then no no dude I'm trying to hook you up and you don't have more trust me but uh and then you know I'm gonna level you know I say it's you know you got a obviously had double digits but no dude and and look at Blasi says you ever come into Honolulu I had been there before I was there in the beginning of 2015 and I have a video that was film there it's actually about Baltimore it's on this channel and I missed a Bitcoin in it um I'd love to come back I've talked to some people in Honolulu they have a hard time organizing the entire groups there I've talked about Hawaii a lot because I want to I I want to help well with their coinbase situation they have a bad situation because of all the horrible rules and regulations that have been imposed by the terrible local government in Honolulu the state government is not good to care of cryptocurrencies so I would love to return Honolulu and maybe I'm gonna be on the west coast quite a bit hopefully starting on where's April 2 some teeth I'm getting to LA and the event is now getting the LA on April 16th of NZ and then Boulder is April 24th so and then I might end up in Calgary a little later on so yeah I would love it if you guys can organize some in Honolulu I'll come out there yeah I come out there again but it's gotta be like I'd like to be an activist type of thing where make a stand against the government but but okay yeah I was talking about how suburbs in in our nation there's some rough suburbs in our nation now there are some rough ones and a lot of people say you know there's this white flight well there's this black flight to I mean we have you know some black suburbs and Baltimore some black suburbs in Detroit some are nice some are some are some are nicer and others and I'm not having soup a have white suburbs too and I'm all over the all over the nation but there's some bad black suburbs also I mean what Woodlawn in Baltimore is is a pretty young a lot of you would not be cool hanging in woodland and then that's that's it's a black summer that has deteriorated in in Baltimore Owens Mills is becoming more of a black summer no smells like it that's good digressed way to be here we're talking about but I you know I feel for the Troy I feel for Baltimore this is the you know these are these are places that I understand in them we've got you new people there and it's great that um that ghetto nerd is is um he's the Hazen african-american guy he's a black guy and he is he's down with this technology stuff he is down with this cryptocurrency stuff he's setting a great example for his kids his kids or into the Bitcoin to I think into the cryptocurrency wherever he lives he lives I I'm still and there's no and by the way by the way there's a lot of people that try to guilt-trip people oh you love the city you love to see you're not hard anymore you're not down with the city of Baltimore you're not down to see Detroit no people got to do what they got to do for the families okay don't give in to peer pressure and put your life at risk how do you afford to travel do you saw your BTC I have never sold a Bitcoin and that's again from blast at glassy and big Kings keep on giving me lots of super chests that's why I'm answering all this stuff and and um how do i afford i saved a lot of money i live really cheap it's cheap to live in Airbnb prices you get a good you get good deals I only got my own place of course I know some of you might want to do shares unless I'm not too old for that and I'm not at these Airbnb is I'm not about meeting people I'm just about staying in a nice comfortable place um but I never eat I never eat out I haven't eaten in a restaurant for years I only drink water I'm just a very frugal person i you know i have i have endeavors and investments that you know pay me small amounts of a fiat that i save and again i have seen for years um you know I was in Baltimore I did some I sold a house that I used to live in I saved that and say you just gotta save you just got you can't so many people in this nation are in a United States or in the Western world you give them ten dollars they spend $11 it's absolutely ridiculous that's the mentality just just it's not about how much you earn it's about how much you save it's about how much you spend don't spend a lot you'll be able to say you'll be able to travel don't try to get the latest greatest thing instead of trying to get that car try to travel more you meet people and when you're traveling you get into business opportunities um and again you dude right here they don't pay in Bitcoin they pay you and Fiat all these super chat people they're paying in feel that helps me travel you've made me a lot of money so I'm just making it rain well thank you Blasi thank you and again I mean this is this channel is not official financial advice I'm giving people information you're not gonna hear anywhere else I'm giving you my opinions on life and lifestyle we're gonna have some more lifestyle stuff we're gonna have some more health tips this thing is running really long but I mean either you like it or you don't like it you can go to on channels with the ies or you can go to channels where there's pretty pictures over there fancy graphics non-standard stuff and they're not picking on any particular chance here because all the stuff that I just said is on plenty of channels out there playing channels I just think the whole tone thing is hilarious I think it's like and I just hope he's not white knighting I hope he's not you know trying to get it companies aren't gonna come up empty-handed from this I really hope he's not oh really but he's a good dude and he's a good dude and he's he's got some Bitcoin look there let the women come to you dude you're beautiful man and you're good dude and they when they hear you bet though you've got the Bitcoin they come to you they do what they gotta do and then you'll do whatever you know if you want to put on yourself put on yourself do whatever but you know you don't put them on yourself before they before they do what they got to do don't let them use you alright so what else do we have here and again there's a lot of guys out there you blast I think you're a female but there are a lot of guys out there that are spending splenius things spent just so much money trying to get women you gotta get these fancy clothes I got a goodly specific I don't know many bars kind of spent any money at bars any money on women zero that's how you say that's how you save a ton of money for these guys for like 27 years old now look them Lifton's when they come to you you save your money you become wealthier that's what they care about they're gonna monkey you know you might be the strongest 27 year old dude in the world and so you're gonna you think you'll attract some hot woman she will extract your resources your wealth from you eventually you'll be 30 won't look as good anymore some other guy come on round you look better than you but it's gonna have a lot more money than you because you spent all your money on her so go monkey brush off to him and dude you're gonna be this like oh dude I'm sick I'm strong I'm beautiful but I have no money I should listen to my Easter and saving my money all along instead of spending it on this nonsense woman because in the end of the day I've got all sorts of experience with women from my past too and guess what all it is a stories now it's just stories I could tell you stories about women what's that worth what is that I could have been using I could have been doing a lot more productive things it was a lot of fun sure but was I traveling a lot of thing no no I wasn't here two dollars high-value men will attract high-value women exactly exactly so you got a lot of it you build yourself if you're a guy build yourself up build your side thank you again for $2 blastia nom and big change thank you you guys are like dominating this show now yeah and there's I did say uh-oh look Motor City Bitcoin gal says and she didn't pay for this it's his Oh Lord well and she says in the name of a Jewish guy who starts with a J there is there he goes again I'm gonna say what I'm gonna say merci Gao I'd love to see you in Detroit you should go hang out with thumb you should used to hit you should I would get a nerve in Detroit man I love Detroit I got you know I got a my friend Sarah out there and Sarah's a former US as a gir as a woman that I had sexual relations with in my day as a friend of mine in in Detroit in Nam and then the when one of the suburbs in northwest suburb she lives up there and so I I like this their suburbs out there you know West Bloomfield she wasn't and I said TMI TMI and again it's just a story I could tell you the story about Sara and I from for many years ago I mean we were partying like rock stars it was awesome it's just a story what did I what did I was worth was it worth it you can't party to it and everyone's gonna have their find everything but just don't blow all your money on these on these women guys don't blow please you can end up in in bad situation you know when you are 30 years old and then you're gonna be asking Adam how do I save money well the way you save money is just save money when you're 24 years old again long-term thinking guys one thing you don't panic over you know the society tells me I have to have a woman now I have to have it no you don't have to because you're gonna end up you're gonna have the blues a lot of money you don't do it when you've got money do it when you're comfortable do it let it all come to you let it all come to you man high-value man make yourself a high-value man here and sitting here someone says haha Adam you were drunk again what about of Meister's help tip his tips don't drink demand I don't drink okay not drink I have not been drunk since 2014 since poram there was no that was the Steve's wedding Steve's wedding but it was a day the Preakness I think I was legally drunk that day so it was made third main and Saturday the third the third Saturday in May of 2014 was predator less time I was legally intoxicated and then last time I add maybe alcohol touched my lips I think I sipped some wine and some passed overs I don't know don't you there's no alcohol this poisonous in the long run yeah I mean and I have had a lot of alcohol my dad used to party like a rock star like I said before and what was it worth it's only memories and you can't even remember all those memories because your party it it's not to beat it and you know what you know what is that you know one of the things that like is you can't undo things that you've done I drank a lot and who knows what it did to me it may have damaged something long-term in me that I just don't know and I'm not gonna find out until I'm 80 years old or something and all this intermittent fasting and stuff maybe it's already been it's not worth it because it's something I did in the past but you can't worry about that but again that's why you gotta live a healthy lifestyle and get your mind eating gears as early as possible as early as possible okay so you're getting some health tips so okay I talked about a clarity and transparency okay I want to read what Givi 55 had the same the comment section of one of my videos and this has to do with the darker side of preferred dividends maybe and over I wanted most there's a lot that I have to say still got we haven't gotten the Israel yeah this is a real long video all right Gibby said and we'll leave out what give you say give you tune in tomorrow if I want to hear what give you said and tune in tomorrow if you want to hear me talk about a little bit more we're just going to get goes straight to the Israel Supreme Court just ruled that banks can't refuse crypto companies solely based on the assumption there will be illegal activity the banks need to prove it before delaying crypto companies this is a big strike against anti crypto crowd I guess anti crypto crowd argument long-lived crypto yes dude I agree with that I think it's great the Israeli Supreme Court is notoriously liberal and there's there's many liberal people in Israel and it's overly it's too liberal it's too socialistic but here they make a good thing you make a good decision that the banks they can't go fight for the currency companies anymore they can't I mean and and so that's good it's a good decision because it takes some of the nastiness out of the air again it on a certain level I don't like companies being ordered by the government you know the companies should be able to turn tune turned down whoever they want to turn down okay dad I believe that I vote book believing but that this vilification has been cleared up cleared up a little bit that that's good so it's a good thing they're going on a good going on a good path there's room I'm trying to stay in Israel but enough of what I'm trying to say this show has gone on long enough pound town that like button you can check out that Israel thing it's linked to below if you care about it I'm just I care about the vibe in the air of Israel so no I'm not about ordering companies to do things I'm not people who company should be able to turned out whoever they want but that they're trying to that the the Supreme Court has helped the add to a positive by because they're gonna interfere with companies they could interfere in a much much worse ways and they have in Israel the the Supreme Court interferes in people's lives way too much their God I'm about government not entering their people's lives at all but they're gonna interfere people's lives at least we're creating uh not creating a negative vibe for cryptocurrency in Israel has had some negative crypto person stories about taxation lately so there's a positive one that was long-winded i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this with your share this video check out the notes section below i'll say hi to you guys in the chat that was a wild one wasn't it baby

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