The Wolf of Bitcoin Street

My name is Nathan but you can call me the CryptoKing Well actually, CryptoKing underscore 11

CryptoKing was taken I’ve been trading full-time for 12 months HODL! HODL! Pump and dump, pump and dump It’s mooning, it’s mooning! Last year I made one-thousand two hundred and forty three dollars Tax-free

Cause It was under the threshold It wasn’t easy I worked hard for this I got my degree in finance after studying for three long days at the University of Reddit Now they call me the CryptoKing

underscore 11 And not just because of my recent troubles with Cryptosporidium Excuse me

So are you going to buy the boat or not? Do you accept payment in bitcoin? No Litecoin? No Paedocoin? Get the f*ck off my boat Sadly, some people just don’t get crypto Hey Nathan, can I see some of your coins? I told you they’re not physical coins, they’re just a digital record

So how do they have any value then? Oh my god, that’s such a dumb question You sound just like investor Warren Buffett or Nobel prize-winning economist Paul Krugman or Yale University’s expert on economic bubbles Robert Shiller What an idiot Work is for suckers I’m completely independent

I don’t rely on anyone CryptoKing underscore 11? Do you want me to fold your washing for you? Yes please! I’m sure you think most crypto traders are just bros living in their mum’s basements But that’s not true This is my grandma’s basement

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