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Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show live from beautiful Darwin Australia today is February the 12th 2018 strong at hand long term thinking alright so yeah there's the pool I have my own pool here at my Airbnb it's pretty nice I don't have a bathing suit but anyway it is uh it's nice to be humid it rains at night it's it's a wild place I saw these crushed frogs on the road yesterday when I was running by the racetrack so let's let's get back I know people want to see different scenery sometimes alright so there there you got to see some you got to see where I'm staying here in Darwin I'll be in Darwin for until the fourth until March the 4th all right check out the note section below people get your t-shirts like this one from cryptography D and Trez or ledger all that stuff at crypto HW wallet com yeah so let's start off with and also strong hand conviction conviction people 2020 having to think about it B rhodium they're reddit is out there now yes if you have questions about B rhodium go to their read it seems to well it might be heavily moderated I'm not sure yet it's brand new I posted something there didn't pop up there yet but B rhodium is still there still working on things in the background you know prod him a little bit asking some questions go to their Twitter also but I did want to I did notice they have a reddit out there now all right Vinny lingham has a very good tweet out there the thing about bull and bear traps is if they were obvious and easy to spot they wouldn't be true ha yes and you know what that sounds like super obvious but it's it's not super obvious traders think they can win all these amateur traders out there think I'll be able to spot everything they wouldn't call them traps if they were easy to see that's you know attract attractive heart that's the definition of a trap you're shocked you shockingly are all of a sudden get clamped by a bear trap there so yeah guys buy and hold strong hand Vinny Vinny states the obvious and some people were like those caught Captain Obvious but like it or not the dude's a long-term thinker he's giving people some advice not to be impulsive and become an amateur trader because people it's so easy I just you know I sell high I buy low blah blah blah it isn't that easy every single person would do it if it was that easy most people lose and again its we're gonna be trapped in an easy to spot so people who are say who are saying oh it's a bear trap now it's a pool trap whatever dudes whatever it's all I guess just in the long term hold on to your Bitcoin it'll pay off it's already paid off if you've been hanging on to it long enough trust me on that one pound that like button check out the notes below and of course subscribe to this channel the best freaking cryptocurrency channel out there where you get unique information you get nowhere else you get locations like you get who else is doing a show from Darwin Australia one day in the day before is in Taipei I'll be in South Africa obviously on March the 5th I guess that's not obvious to everyone I was reminded esterday in the chat section I think was after my show that the 20% do not waiver that was something I was trying to convey yesterday and someone in the chat put it in the better words and I I did so remember if you're part of the 20% you don't waiver you don't you don't become a trendy and jump on some trend you stick with it you have conviction all right Stephens I wanted to talk about steam in a little bit um slow and steady steam it success I call it I post this very show live on steam it every day again obviously I'm a content creator it's easy for me to do and in terms of what I'm getting there in steam which I turned into Bitcoin the dollar value and again you should you should value your wealth and Bitcoin but I mean it's it's impressive it's impressive it's I can it I believe it pays better than Bitcoin I pays better than YouTube is there a lot of people who can play about YouTube you know pays people pennies well if you don't steam it if you have conviction if you do it every day you gain a following you mention it on the original content that you make of course you mentioned hey I'm gonna steam it also you've got to spread the word through social media that you're gonna be on Steam it also but it's a slow and steady buildup on steam it to success and I've been I've been having some nice success on Steam it and you know I don't have to worry about all this de monetization and all this craziness with YouTube that everyone has to worry about I just post my stuff on you and that people like why don't you do do too won't steam it directly no because it's flunky states but it doesn't work right yet it's it's there are some conveniences to YouTube so you combine the you know the YouTube platform which has some conveniences it gets it out to a lot of people you do get some dollars from that obviously you continue to build your brand that way but you've earned Bitcoin indirectly through doing it through steaming so combine a combine both words worlds don't abandon one for the other just yet okay so again this is a reminder I don't care about the cryptocurrency steam at all don't buy it you don't buy something don't buy steam dollars let the 80 percenters keep on pumping that up this is um this is all about turning your free cryptocurrency you get at steam it in the Bitcoin and the steam it platform is they've got something going on okay that on the something it obviously needs some more work but I am I've been happy being an early adopter since like July of 2016 now it's February 2018 it's still around what can you say a lot of a lot of cryptocurrency projects are not around anymore and aren't building steam all right Queen ami I don't like to talk about coin ami because they are a wallet on your phone I don't do phone off I don't I don't mess around with storing cryptocurrency on my phone but apparently with Z classic you're gonna book do your Z classic and be private splitting their possibly you know private Keys etc I'm just giving you an FYI you do your own research into the coin ami thing tweet at them but people have brought it up to me so and it happy privates coming along it's coming along alright it's always good to share some me private news all right what else do we have here we talked about Benny all right paddle paddle calm appear to peer exchange that's like you know doesn't hold your bitcoins all right so there's a bunch of huddle huddle stuff out there I like there's a medium article a Twitter tweet by Roman snen eCos the Vito I don't even know how to pronounce his name I guess he's the guy behind it and so I bring this up because people are talking about these decentralized exchanges well here's one that just popped out I've got a real product out there I guess you can mess around on there and uh velocity velocity velocity added to this weight so you guys just launched a working crypto product with no IC o—- no vapor where no fancy way paper no silly show cream on blockchain Ivan shoe cream on blockchain idea just a plain working product well sincerely you have my respect and congrats and you know what I have to I have to second that I mean you hear about all that you go to conferences in San Francisco where people are just talking about paper where I see oh what their projects are gonna be give them money give them money this dude just delivers he doesn't ask he just says here it is here's my product judge it it's out there and you know it is that easy at times if you've got an idea put it out there make the product just don't try to have an IC o—- all these distractions you know you're hyping it up put it out there that's the best thing and you're gonna get respect from a lot of people that way you're gonna get people like me to talk about it so everybody check out this paddle huddle calm I haven't even had time to play around with it yet okay in the super track big kings low chori n says he's on steam it getting paid for my music still waiting for you to hit me up bro hey bro I did your steam it the last time you did it I posted your subpoena down here I'll post your steam it again below so everyone sees it and it'll be all my steam it so that's that's hitting you up man that's getting you some people to pay attention to you big jinx thank you for the five dollars in the super chat and again I'll read your thing into super channel I answer your questions in the super chat if you do the super cap okay Manero V my narrow V is in the news again if these guys stay you know 100% professional they're taking their time they're doing a slow build-up with this thing and if people are as frustrated with Manero as I have read over social media and their reddit this can be a real success this could be a challenge to Manero and I know it sounds like a long shot now but let's see if these they're slow and term approach they're not rushing things he says right now there's a reddit a reddit thread I link to where they have released their Manero V blockchain Explorer and again it's just a way to look up it's basically a fantastic sport now because they're not live until March the Sabbath but they're working on things they also are going to have their Bitcoin talk thread official announcement soon they haven't even had that yet and people are already talking about them including some big people in Manero and I'm not gonna name who they are who sees me annoyed by my Nairobi guess that's a nice way of putting it but you're trying to downplay manera V and that's their right to do this and everything but I mean they try to spread that father about monaro B I see no reason to do that yet and this big guy over at Manero maybe I'll run into in the South Africa and I'd love to have him on the show that big guy in Mineiro and it's alright to be big but again it's better to be healthy and you know try to run like me and not eat you know all those carbs and all that so but anyway I can work on it work on work on your fitness everyone out there health health is important and some people don't look that healthy when they're kind of big but again you know you know what it will see if this is a more decentralized manera that doesn't just rely on one big guy and you know that and I like Manero Manero is anonymous and everything people were like what it's just gonna be more anonymous now we go to know that the Monaro B website they explain what they're gonna be and you know what if they don't deliver at all then hey I'm wrong okay then I'm wrong great but more systemic is the day is their delivery date I'm looking forward to it I think it's I like crypto dividends like this you're gonna get ten Manero B for every mineiro you have let's see people are talking about it and they haven't even really ramped up their marketing yet and the big guy is a little worried about it it appears or annoyed by it okay pound that freaking light button people sick seriously take a moment right now and you put some thumbs up it helps people find out about Manero V and these unique ripped of dividends that you only hear about here and and people find out about being private we did the stuff I talked about on the show it helps us in the long run we are big coin holders I don't know for Manero holders but whatever that's the ecosystem okay so we talked about him India exchange my guy Kadir in in he's mentioned Kadir before he he told me about bit India Co bit India that Co is the new exchange is going to start in April and they want to go big I want to take India the 25% global blockchain volume by 2020 – well they've got a long term plan long term thinking you don't be impulsive India sooner that's good to have another big change in India hopefully I wish them luck the more the changes in India the you know fixing my hair here it's humid out there it doesn't it does something to your hair I'll tell you that but yeah the more the more on ramps for the Indians on to Bitcoin the better it's gonna be for big points so let's let's get more Bitcoin companies out in India let's get more Indians in the Bitcoin and again let's let's make India the Bitcoin country the cryptocurrency country of 2018 like South Korea was for 2017 and uno coin there in India also they have a status update uno coin is coming soon with Bitcoin she's a big old apart from Bitcoin cash Abbi cash how light koi ripple etherium Bitcoin and stellar well yeah oh no coin is a big company in a company in India that does cryptocurrency and now you're gonna be able to get be gold which is kind of a coincidence because I was saying hey they should offer be gold in India I said that yesterday and look at this now they are oh my god did Webb Bob predict that that or did I predict it's a coincidence but that's good that's good yeah WIPA is complete cried by the way again you should know that by now now if you ever ask me a web bot question I'm gonna ignore you totally because it's a joke and I've explained a million times why if you believe if you you know worship a guru like that you're an 80 percenter good luck so uh and you should go down to uh the flat world best in Mexico they're having this week right flat flat world flat flat earthers are down there this week talking about be cash and dash or whatever to talk about alright so uh what else do we have here oh yeah so here's a tweet from Tour de Meester and it's an opportunity tweet I interpreted as an opportunity for the future Bitcoin mining converts electricity into trustless financial reliability someone's moan along side a side effect this moves the energy consumption center of mass from high-cost urban areas to remote low cost areas human powered banks and clearing houses are to an extent replaced by hydro geothermal thermal or thermal coal based mining operations so ok you know as Bitcoin a cryptocurrency grows we're gonna have more and more mining locations out out in the rural areas of all sorts of crazy countries but it's there's gonna be high energy out there why not build here's your opportunity that I was I just thought of build cities build towns around these mining operations ok in the middle of nowhere it's a new way of homesteading a new way of creating town environments I wouldn't say urban environments this who knows how you know yeah you know if they'll be skyscrapers there but no maybe Bitcoin operations will become the center of towns of newfangled towns new concept towns that we cannot even envision yet so that was an inspirational tweet by her made me think by tour de Meester and of course that's linked to below everything that I linked to that I talk about in this video is linked to below and going back to the when uno coin tweeted out about there be coal gold immediately people started asking hey are you gonna credit me with my beagle because I've been storing Bitcoin at your at your uno coin for a long time you never credit even credited me my be gold so this just makes me wonder coinbase still hasn't credited people with their beagle for all the people that hold the big coin there people are gonna get really frustrated eventually okay that not everyone is you know there's a lot of rookies on coinbase that have no idea they're entitled could be gold but not everyone is like that unfortunately it's too bad you shouldn't be storing your Bitcoin there anyway you've run into some trouble you should have known better you got to control your own private key you should have had it on your tresor but but we can't turn back time people have their Bitcoin there at the time the fork coinbase is being really slow with this really slow with this again there's a lawyer out there who seems to be doing a lot of critic currency lawsuits he's he says it's a growing field these cryptocurrency lawsuits I think coinbase should really give people their be gold before they get sued I mean that that's that's the bottom line and again I'm no fan of lawsuits but I know there's a lot of coin based holders that are no fan of getting their freebie gold which they want to turn into big Bitcoin so and again if people aren't India are complaining about it you better believe in North America there's some people that are silently frustrated about it and they're not so silent I get contacted every once in a while but they'll be a buildup eventually so hey if you want to start your own campaign do it that way your diversity I say dude over social media before you sue put some pressure on coinbase tweet out for them like where's my B go pound where's my B gold pound that like button alright Bobby in the comment section said yesterday this is a good that's a good comment by Bobby I panic sold and then we brought some bitcoins during the dips it's causing a huge tax headache now never again holding now until 2020 the worst mistakes I've made in crypto and general investing is reading the message boards on Yahoo Finance everyone on there seems to think the sky is falling when things start to drop 1% there you go people avoid don't follow the trends on any sort of message board or chat everybody becomes the sky is falling when what when things go down 1% and then when things go down 10% it's like a nuclear bomb went off okay don't listen to these people have conviction long term thinking you know these these are mostly kids that are yelling about nonsense they never had to pay taxes in their lives they don't understand tax liabilities like Bobby unfortunately does now well he probably did before but now it's a real pain that he's dealing with it okay so strong hand long-term thinking people 2020 having a guy from Pittsburgh has a Twitter account where he's hoping to spread mass adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain to Pittsburgh and you know what I like this he's targeting his town I think everyone in a Rust Belt cities in the United States in all the cities there should be one person that said you know there should be a Baltimore Twitter account a Baltimore a big point again a Louisville Bitcoin account st Louis Bitcoin account they and they just promote that reach out to their people try to organize events and Twitter again is a great way to really get the inside of what's really going on a cryptocurrency so tie your city into it like this guy in Pittsburgh's doing okay um finally was we're running out of time here whale Panda was at the Satoshi roundtable and he gives his opinion on what really happened there I haven't had time to read it either but he's a unique guy and he probably has a unique opinion again I'm no fan of Satoshi roundtable but hey people are asking about it it just happened and maybe he maybe he learned something maybe you can learn something from what he learned alright everybody i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video do check out the notes section below i'll say hello to you in the chat right now bye

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