New Ryzen APUs Next Week, Bitcoin/GPU Prices, Ark in VR — Weekly Download #80

Hey welcome to Zach’s Tech Turf On this pretty short episode of Weekly Download number 80 I’m gonna be playing some Doom when I give you this news, I got my water bottle right here, make sure you guys let me know what you’re sippin on, let’s get into it

To start off the tech news for the week, let’s quickly address the bitcoin elephant in the room If you’re invested or following bitcoin at all, then you’ll probably already know just how far bitcoin has tanked in the last month or so, and this week it actually dropped into the 6 thousands for the first time in months A lot of people in the PC gaming community are throwing around ideas that graphics card prices will be normalized again, and although I do with that part were correct, my personal non financial expert advice is that bitcoin will recover rather quickly, and we really won’t see any effect on GPU prices Sorry guys In some much better cryptocurrency news, actually my favorite news of the week, a United Nations children’s program called Game Chaingers, is asking people to mine cryptocurrency as a donation to children affected by the Syrian civil war

Basically what you do is download their small 5MB mining application, set up your own nickname, and then the program is automatically designed to put that etherium in the fundraiser wallet In my opinion, yea this is pretty baller because I think this is a really cool way to donate some of your GPU time to a cause and I hope we see more fundraisers use unique tactics like this With the cryptocurrency news done, what’s the other news buzzword that we haven’t seen for a few weeks? Net Neutrality We haven’t talked about that in a while, but I actually have some good news about it The state of New Jersey just signed an executive order that mandates Internet Service Providers to FOLLOW net neutrality rules if they want to continue doing business with state agencies

Basically they are saying if you want our state government to continue using your internet, you have to be fair to our state consumers, and boy does that feel good to hear The executive order prohibits ISPs from doing any of that nonsense throttling or paid fast lanes which is something that no one other than the FCC and ISPs wanna see This is now the third state to do it, Montana and New York already have similar orders in place, and California is currently working on a bill as well The Ryzen 5 2400g and Ryzen 3 2200g, AMD’s new APU’s or processors with built in graphics are set to release next week and I’m REALLY trying to get my hands on one of these I have never purchased a processor right when it came out, especially a very relevant to consumer one, so I’m doing my best for this one

As of writing this video I haven’t seen any avenues of pre ordering this, but I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m working on it! And to wrap up the tech news for the week, Apple’s Home Pod is made its way into tech reviewer’s hands early this week, and the results have been pretty consistent throughout The sound and bass are amazing, especially coming from a device that small, the voice recognition is fantastic, but Siri is miles behind Alexa and Google Home As you can probably guess if you have an iPhone, Siri really isn’t that useful except for some basic tasks, and the competition Alexa can do so many more things The HomePod is set to hit the shelves on February 9th To start off the PC gaming news, I’m pretty much making it a habit at this point to inform you guys about the latest and greatest Humble Bundle deal, and I can’t possibly ignore this week’s deal as well

The new Humble Monthly $12 subscription is packing Dark Souls 3 this month and you get some DLC which is obviously a killer deal if you don’t already own this controller throwing, monitoring shattering game Feel free to use my Humble Monthly link down in the description, you play 12 bucks a month for a game bundle, they’ve been very good lately, and you can cancel any time ARK Park is a Ark Survival Evolved type game but in VR, is set to release March 22nd, and it actually looks pretty legit Right now it’s being classified as a dinosaur theme park simulation, not REALLY the survival crafting type like Ark, but if you look at the trailer it shows the player shooting down dinosaurs, which isn’t really something that you would do at a theme park Maybe you’re the groundskeeper and you have to manage escaping dinosaurs heading for the humans or something, we really don’t know much about this game yet, but in my opinion, it looks pretty neat

And to wrap up this very short week of news, Cities: Skylines is now free to play until Sunday on Steam, and it’s also on sale until Monday for 75% off down to just 8 bucks They also created a $19 New Player Bundle which includes some of the DLC, I’m guessing that would be a good start, but I know that this is a crazy popular game so I figured I’d let you guys know if you haven’t tried this one out yet Well that wraps up Weekly Download episode number 80 Make sure you guys let me know down in the comment section what you’re favorite tech or pc gaming news was this week, or if I missed anything Well I hope you guys enjoyed this video, please drop a like down below to help support my channel, and as always, thank you for watching and please subscribe for more Zach’s Tech Turf videos

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