Quante monete come i bitcoin esistono?

How many coins as bitcoin you exist? Announcements of new digital currencies is now happening regularly Announcements of new digital currency is now happening regularly

Only this week have been spread news about the creation of a cryptocurrency by the Telegram messages and website by the company Kodak camera Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has announced plans to build a digital call Petro cryptocurrency The same would be thinking of doing Vladimir Putin in Russia Although these projects are not forthcoming, the number of digital currencies today is already huge: there are well in 1414 Digital currencies are in fact much more numerous than those of the official states in the world, which are just 164

To identify them as a whole has already been created the neologism altcoin, other Bitcoin But they are also born classifications more precise: the currencies that arise from breaking away Bitcoin are forkcoin calls (fork means fork) Although they are so many, for each of these criptovalute you can learn, day by day, and even hour by hour, many things There are sites (https://coinmarketcapcom/) on which you can read the value of a single monetary unit and the mass in circulation, the increase or decrease in the value, the number of operations performed

For example, a Bitcoin worth 14,28920 dollars this morning, an increase in the 24 hours of just over 3% (while the day before he was losing value) The increase is the result of a series of exchanges that took place on the web in the last 24 hours and they have moved over 12 and a half billion Bitcoin So the bulk of the 16 million 598 525 Bitcoin is now worth over 240 billion dollars (240056773

850 to be precise) The second overall value for money, Ethereum, is very far from Bitcoin, but the value of all the Ether in circulation reaches the sum of $ 127 billion, slightly more than half of the mass of Bitcoin For no official currency, as the dollar or euro, there are these data, which would obviously be impossible to raise money for the cash in circulation The only information available day-to-day is that of the value of a currency compared to another: what is now worth a dollar in terms of euro or euro dollar In fact, the informations that accompany daily digital coins are more like those that are available on stocks, bonds and mutual funds

There are several hundred of these digital coins of which little is known and which do not come to an "official" prices on specialized sites Professor Ferdinand Ametrano, which Bicocca University in Milan deals with criptovalute, is convinced that the vast majority, if not all, of these emulations of Bitcoin have little to say and that the only cryptocurrency who has a possible future is precisely the most popular When adding up the value of thousand of currencies that seem to have a value recognized by those who buy and sell, the total is reached today is still around 740 billion dollars For a point of comparison, the value of Italy's gross domestic product is two and half times that figure, about 1,850 billion while the capitalization (the total value of its shares) of a company like Fiat Chrysler Automobiles approximately $ 36 billion

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