Nabilla fait la promo de Bitcoin sur Snap­chat… ses fans aler­tés

Nabilla made Bitcoin promote on Snapchat fans alerted "The dear, I do not know if you ever heard of Bitcoin, this new kind of virtual currency () Even if you knew anything, it saves you from investing largentsans much "begins Nabilla In his "story" Snapchat, Starlet selling the merits of a website that learns to use Bitcoin ", she explains To listen to it, it's a real bargain: the site is "really safe" candidate swear the ancient tv reality, headed by two traders "were already (on the bitcoin) there is time" "Nothing to lose" and "free" promises Nabilla She even invites its subscribers to send the code "on the Facebook account Nabilla private message site for all the necessary information

This site, this is TraderLeBitcoin, co-founded by Romain Bailleul platform, as informs her Capitalfr Contacted by the media, it specifies about Nabilla: the website does not provide advice but rather training for those interested in cryptomonnaies like Bitcoin, as well as "planes" To get there, you either unsubscribe during 6 months to 549 euros, or open an account with eToro partner "CFD broker converted to cryptomonnaies," explains Capitalfr

Alerted by users, AMF Act, the authority of the financial markets, wanted to warn about investment in Bitcoin via a message on Twitter "Nabilla, Bitcoin this is very risky! You can lose all their money No miracle investment Stay away "It said

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