Prophecy | Bitcoin Will Plunge and Fall Soon | Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

I perceive in my spirit about the falling of the economy especially concerning the Bitcoin So I have seen a lot of models out there for price projections of bitcoins and crypto currencies and I thought about it and researched a lot myself the first thing that I want to say is it's obvious that the growth rate cannot be linear and what I mean by that is you know some people project it like say a 1000 percent every year but obviously in the long term that's not going to work – for instance let's say that the market capital of Bitcoin or crypto currency at large was 10 trillion, for it to increase 1000 percent would put it out of quadrillion you would stop by my office once a week and say 'get bitcoin, get bitcoin, get bitcoin' I'm glad you are finally listening – so you are interested in bitcoin now ? Finally makes me very happy anything that goes up a 1000 percent in two years I am interested in suddenly you are all ears why is this happening ? It is a revolution It is a financial revolution and the reason bitcoin is a financial revolution is because it is decentralized and the people, the main people who are really promoting this technology are people who understand that governments can be dangerous and we are so lucky – the United States government is so much better than most out there in the world decentralized bitcoin currency is a threat to the antichrist beast government that will be set up soon, hence it will be eliminated soon fulfilling the prophecy in Revelation 13 – Hard to buy or sell without the Mark of the Beast – One will prevent the other from happening finally there will come a fall a sliding away in the economies when the Lord spoke this I perceived in my spirit about the falling of the economy especially concerning the Bitcoin Bitcoin is becoming very popular these days Be careful ! It will plunge and it will fall the Bible says in Mark chapter 10 verse 24 1 Timothy Chapter 6 verse 17 Woe (curse) to all those who put their trust in riches ! Future Timeline – Point Where Bitcoin Plummets Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain – 1 Timothy 6:17 He who trusts in riches shall fail but the righteous shall stand firm – Proverbs 11:28 refuse to take the mark of the beast at all costs even unto death ! Trust God in all times for provison !

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