How to Earn Free Bitcoin – Three Ways in 2018

hey what's up guys in this video I'm gonna go ahead and show you how to earn free bitcoin I'm going to show you three different ways you can earn free bitcoins so go ahead watch the full video and if you have any questions put them in the comments below I'll be the responds in a video form or just simply respond to your comments if the comment is simple if the question is simple enough I should say and make sure you put your Bitcoin address in the comment section below I'm gonna pick one lucky winner every single week and give $10 worth of Bitcoin always so let's go ahead that's dive in let's do this hey what's up guys welcome back so yeah in this video I'm gonna show you how to earn free Bitcoin there's three different ways as you can see it to my right we have three different platforms basically what I'm gonna do I'm gonna show you each platform how your Eva earn free Bitcoin and the Bitcoin that I've earned through each platform so let's go ahead let's get started okay so with free Bitcoin it's a website it's a free platform you're actually able to earn a free Bitcoin every 60 minutes this is my favorite website I'm gonna show you how to use it and how much I've earned and another neat part of this website it has an option to gamble what you've been earning so there's like this little game that you play I think it's called high end low yudice Campbell how much you want to win you either win or you lose it's a lot of people win a lot of money I'm not gonna play that game I'm just gonna go ahead and just keep what I earn and typically I just thought transfer it over to my wallet and then they also have weekly lottery drawings and they do have me crisis so let's go ahead let's take a look at the free Bitcoin platform okay so we want to go to a free bit CEO dot I in free Bitcoin and this is how the website looks like it's a up it's fairly simple if you want to earn your free Bitcoin you want to go to free Bitcoin and then what you want to do is enter your ketchup as I think that's how you pronounce it you just want to make sure you're not some bot so answer your CAPTCHA and once you roll that's when you get your Satoshi Satoshi just in case if you're not sure what it's a Toshi is that's just a one decimal being Bitcoin so let's go ahead let's roll and I earned twelve Satoshi's so that's pretty cool and with this website you have the option to roll every 59 minutes and the great thing about this they do have different levels of how much you're able to pay out so depending on what number you land on you're either going to get between twelve satoshis up to what's what's this number 1 million 180 2033 satoshis and if you want to see how much that is in us

dollars let's go ahead and convert that that should be fun not really let's go ahead and do this I love to use currency dot Co just in case if you want to learn just in case if you want to exchange or convert your your currency so what I'm gonna do I'm going to convert it from Bitcoin and what I do I basically put in my currency so I put BTC two US dollars paste that in there convert it so yep the highest pea the highest payout is two hundred and eight dollars so you can get that within an hour's so just make sure you leave this browser open and you should be able to collect your free Bitcoin what I do I have this little check mark right here it says place sounds when your timer runs out so that way it reminds you when it's time to get your free Bitcoin and as you can see over here this is my my balance so I have 67 Satoshi keep in mind a heritage transfer what I did earn into my wallet I keep that over in my bit connect wallet but anyways I'm not gonna get into that but you you should be able to see her balance right here so that's one way you can earn free Bitcoin on this platform another way you can do is once you earn your feed Bitcoin you can go over to multiply Bitcoin and this is a game that you can play it's called high and low I'm not gonna play it it's a very simple game you should you can be able to research it online just to see how to play high and low there's like different tactics I don't play this just because I don't want to risk when I lose once I have a certain amount of Satoshi or Bitcoin I go ahead and just transfer it over to my wallet another way to do it is by referrals so whenever someone clicks on your link for free Bitcoin and whenever they roll whenever they play the lottery whenever they play high and low would you actually get a percentage of those sorts of the Satoshi and on top of that you get a 25% increase yep Wow it even says right there we also pay a 25% referral commission on any interest earned by your referrals so that's pretty cool oh my and I'm back sorry about that I was having some technical difficulties my computer shut off on me and now I'm back taking like 30 minutes to recover everything but um this is an X portion this is the lottery so they do have a lottery you're entered automatically so every time you're rolling you're gonna get two free bitcoins I mean two free lottery tickets and this happens every week so right now first prize for the week would be let's go ahead and do a little conversion so if you're lucky holy-moly you can actually get $11,000 so that's the lottery I have yet to play or I have yet to win anything I should say cuz it automatically plays for you every week and you do a heavy referral tab over here I'm gonna gives you more information on your commission rates so that is free Bitcoin I do have a link in the description go ahead sign up start earning free Bitcoin every hour and hopefully you're one of those lucky people that does win the biggest payout in that one hour alright let's go on and move on to the next okay next we have coinbase this is actually my favorite wallets but this you're able to buy you're able to buy and sell Bitcoin you're able to hold Bitcoin and you're able transfer Bitcoin it's completely free to sign up once you buy $100 worth of Bitcoin you get $10 worth of Bitcoin for free umm this is beginner friendly so if you don't have a wallet go with coinbase sign up it's free you have you really don't have nothing to lose if you're gonna buy Bitcoin and on top of that you do get unlimited free Bitcoin this is this actually came to a surprise for me I wasn't really pushing for Commission I ended up dropping the link to coin base on a Facebook group just to kind of test it out and well what did I put I ended up advertising it has just the free wallet because there was somebody in a Facebook group that was asking questions about where to get a wallet I give him my link I knew I had a referral code but then again I wasn't really pushing for it he didn't sign up it was actually someone else that saw that link so I did get a commission off of that and yeah you do have the option and get free unlimited bitcoins so I just want to go ahead and just show you proof that um I did earn ten dollars with a free Bitcoin when someone's it sign up under me I got this a couple days ago this is actually uh two weeks ago the day after Christmas and basically this is how the email looks like it just tells you you received some Satoshi I see Satoshi versus Bitcoin because it's not a full Bitcoin it's a fraction of it but I got these send me ten dollars and yeah thank yous in for I think already thinking what am i videos before and yep this is your referrals okay so I'm pretty sure wondering how do I get my ten dollars without referring somebody what you're gonna do you're gonna go to coinbase you're going to sign up for coinbase and then once you're signed up once you've added your payment method you're gonna go over to buy and sell and you're let's see what does it say over here BTC binds unavailable bitcoin purchases are temporarily unavailable we apologize for the convenience so that is new to me I've never seen that before that I'm pretty sure that's more of a once in a while thing they're probably doing some maintenance but regardless let's go ahead and pretend that that message is not there let's dismiss it bye-bye and what we're gonna do we're gonna answer how much we wanna buy a brand answer one hundred dollars you don't have to buy a hundred dollars it can be like five dollars ten dollars whatever the case may be but we're talking about how to get free Bitcoin in order to get the free Bitcoin you need to buy hundred dollars worth so you buy your hundred dollars you receive it in your account then you'll receive an email letting you know that you receive your ten dollars worth of free Bitcoin and I'm gonna go ahead and show you another strategy on how to earn free Bitcoin with coinbase once you have your profiles set up you're gonna go ahead and click on your profile and click on invite friends guys with cryptocurrency it is booming a lot of people think it's just the bubble and if it is a bubble that bubble is not going to burst well for years many many years to come so get on it start makes you make sure you're investing in Bitcoin and if your friends and family if they're interested in Bitcoin you can share this link let me see where it's at oh look it's letting me know I've I referred one person okay so this is gonna be your link you could share it on Facebook Twitter Instagram tumblr reddits whatever the case may be any forums that you might be a part of but what I like to do well how I earn my first Commission my only Commission that I had to have from last week or two weeks ago I went to a Facebook group and it was like make money at a home type of group someone was wanting to know information about getting a Bitcoin wallet I referred him to coinbase I knew I could get this refer I didn't really push for it locked it in the group the dude didn't sign up for it it was actually Zen I don't even know who Zen is but think he's in for signing up but that's one of the easiest ways to probably earn free Bitcoin with coinbase keep in mind guys I didn't push for no I didn't push for no commissions referrals I just think it lets me link there so if you actually push for commissions for referrals or whatever I'm pretty sure you can get a decent amount okay so this one's my ultimate ultimate ultimate favorites platform I think I'm in love with this platform I'm always on it every single day so this is bid connect so it's big connect so you're able to earn 1 to 2 percent interest daily on a daily basis yes daily I'm going to show you how much I've been making I started seven days ago yes seven days ago its beginner friendly meaning you really don't need to know too much about cryptocurrency all you need to know about this website it has a volatility software and you don't even know what you don't even need to know what that means you can just google it research it on the side but basically this system works your money for you and you get paid out every single day so yes it's daily passive income and honestly its financial freedom one of the reasons why I did join bit connect is because I saw a lot of broke people people that didn't really have much money people that only had like two hundred dollars in their bank account they went from being broke to going on vacation so even in villages like even quitting their jobs guys you need to YouTube big connect reviews look at different people look at their results look at the success it is very real let's go ahead and dive into big connect okay this is the bit connect platform as you can see over here this is my lending wallet what this is this is the wallet that I have to receive all my daily interest that I do make off of big connect so so far in the past seven days I've made $663 and if you haven't watched my first video day one but they connected go ahead go back to videos watch it and you'll kind of understand what bit connect is I'm not gonna go too in depth because this is not a bit connect to review this is just a different ways to make a free Bitcoin so let's go ahead and dive in so it big connect basically it's a it's a platform that works your money for you what you do you put Bitcoin you put Bitcoin in the Bitcoin wallet for be connect and did what I like to do I like to transfer that Bitcoin for my coinbase wallet transfer it to my bit connect wallet and then you want to go ahead and purchase or exchange bit connect bit Connect is just a different type of currency so there's Bitcoin there's like coins aetherium ripple there there's just so many different types of currency but with big connects and this is my favorite one my second favorite currency so you'll go ahead and exchange your Bitcoin to be connect and then once you exchange a bit connect it turns into value so what I'm gonna do I basically land the connect money the minimum would be $100 and off of this investment that you're giving them you're actually getting one back one to two percent I've actually been receiving more than one percent on on a daily basis and so far I've lent two hundred dollars and I just wanted to go ahead and show you how much I've been making every single day so just imagine what you'll end gets lends out for about two hundred and ninety nine days depending on how much you're lending let me just go back really quick I'm gonna click on lens a bit connect so right here tells you a few runs between 100 to 1000 dollars this will be released after two hundred ninety nine days keep in mind you're you're getting paid every single day but your capital will be released by this way this way this day so you're making basically like a dollar or a little over a dollar every single day for $299 I mean two hundred ninety nine days but I'm keep in mind that um you do have the option to reinvest so when you reinvest what happens you're your balance keeps growing it keeps growing it keeps growing and a lot of people think this is some sort of a Ponzi scheme this is a pyramid or whatever it's really not I want you to do your research don't just take my word for it but um a lot of people they're starting to get a lot of financial freedom off a big connect and once again if cryptocurrency if it is a bubble it's not gonna burst for many many many many years to come why because there's just so much available people have in mind all the available bitcoins that's available and you're probably thinking what the hell are you talking about I'm not gonna go to it this is a free Bitcoin videos so let's go ahead and see how much I've been making so I go to transactions and then after are this loads I'm gonna go to London wallet and as you can see my first initial investment was a hundred dollars and after that day – I made 91 cents 10 cents 82 cents a dollar twenty seven forty cents that's all 51 and then I'm like okay this is this is making me some good money so let me go ahead and invest another hundred dollars so I did that and it looks like I'm getting paid twice now since there's two active loans I'm eating paid twice a day now so today I made 81 cents and well I made to 81 sons and oh my goodness I'm horrible with math so times two so today I made a dollar sixty-two so keep in mind the more you you invest the more you're gonna make and you really don't have to reinvest your whole money you can just reinvest your profits so if you just want to start with the hundred dollars let it there let us sit there once you get $10 go ahead and reinvest it and that's my bill I'll be right back and you're probably wondering how is all of this how is all of that all of this how is that earning free Bitcoin well what you're gonna do once you get your lending wallet let's say you have like one thousand dollars you want to just go ahead just cash out you're gonna transfer it it's gonna transfer as big connect and then what you're gonna do you're going to exchange your bit connects your Bitcoin so technically you're getting your free Bitcoin from whatever you've earned and then from there on you can just go ahead and transfer it over to coinbase or your or any other platform and withdraw it as US currency so you think that what you're able to spend your money and another way is to give referrals so there's a referral program with big Canucks and I believe with every person that you do refer you get a 7% let's see it okay and thanks to the magic of the internet I did find this on Google so the structure tab it connects referral program is spaced on levels in order for you to participate in big connects referral program you must have active loans as a user each level has a particular Commission payout issued by bid connect to users who have referred people to the platform there's a total of seven levels of the connects referral program so meaning if someone were to sign up under you if they were to put a loan out you're gonna get seven percent off of that loan let's say someone signs up under them so let's say that person lends $100 you're gonna get three percent off of that loan so as you can see you can this this can accumulate really really really fast so that is big connect that is a referral program and there you have it those are three ways to earn free Bitcoin what do you need to do next you need to take action I have all the links provided in the description below thank god that free Bitcoin platform is completely free go take advantage of it get your free Bitcoin every 60 minutes if you have any questions go ahead put them in the comments below but yes take action make mistakes get messy I sound like Miss Frizzle and I really don't give up hey guys what's up thank you for checking out this video if you like what you see and if you want to see more videos like this go ahead and subscribe and like this video

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