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Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is the final day of 2017 it is December the 20 December the 31st 2017 strong hand buy-and-hold long term thinking 2020 it's really soon because it's gonna be 2018 soup some of you it's already 2018 where you are I'm in San Diego California right now I'm gonna go to the Gaslamp District and walk around with all the drunks and everything right after I'm done this show and party it up or whatever you do on New Year's it's great to be around for the turn of the year to see it become a new year it's it's always good to be alive we should all thank the Lord for that so it's been quite a year and we'll get into that in the end at the end of the show a little a little wrap-up and what to look forward to and there's there's always a lot to look forward to wait whether it be a new year a new day a new hour you should always have a positive outlook and this is a time of great positive thinking I wanna I want to say I want to put that out there and I hope all of you are in a great mood and uh be careful be careful tonight all right check out the links section below you get shirts like you know the deal Tresor ledger etc etc it's New Year's let's just let's get to this for God's sakes Adam buy you why are you delaying all of this okay but it's kind of people I am I you know we've got what do we have here 50 live viewers so far that is really this that's a lot for this day this is that this not many people are going to see this video so I can say just about anything thank you yesterday uh-oh pest upset set classified set the super chat at the end of the show I didn't get to say thanks yesterday you can do super chats I'll answer your questions I want to give a special shout out to Wade Wade here in San Diego he picked me up from the airport last night I'm in Baltimore I'm trying to wrap everything up do some things with my Tresor and I get a email from a guy named Wade he's like you want to hang out in San Diego I'm like sure just like that just like that people if you like Bitcoin if you're a fan of the show and I'm coming to your city you wanna hang out you tell me like eight hours before I show up I'll go how hang out so wait and I we were hanging out today we walked along the water we talked a lot of Bitcoin great guy knows a lot about Bitcoin he watches the show a lot he watches a lot of other shows too so Wade thank you very much for the ride today and it was a great time and we'll be in touch Definitely Maybe Wade will appear on this show one day maybe that's the way to get on the show pick Adam up from the airport you get on the show I don't know pound that like button is that the last time I saved on that like button in 2017 who the heck knows no probably not I'm gonna say to eight more times alright somebody asked over Twitter and you can follow me on Twitter at Tech vault-tec HB alt they were like it for this B rhodium airdrop remember they take the snapshot on January 10th so you have to sign with your treasurer or your ledger or whatever you have to follow their directions i link to it below yesterday I forgot to link to the verify address link that they have below you know once you sign with that address on your treasure or you you can verify the address well someone went on a Twitter was like it doesn't work with segue if you even if you have a segment address with Bitcoin it's you can't sign with that and you can I did that last night before I left Baltimore I did everything I needed to do with my Bitcoin addresses so I'll get the B rhodium so that when they take the snapshot on January 10th I'll be title to my be rhodium I've looked it up on the the B rhodium verify address lookup and sure enough they had it recorded that I I signed correctly so those of you who have a segment addresses you try it out too if you want your freebie rhodium and again the snapshot is on the tenth pressure your exchange is to list B rhodium and also you get for every Bitcoin you have it your address you get ten B rhodium which is interesting because they're only gonna make 21 million of them ever so you're getting a lot so that will be interesting it's an interesting experiment and as I have said a many a time now the guys at B rhodium are very responsive and hey man if you're a marketing type of guy volunteer for them or maybe they all have they have a budget I have no idea contact them if you're if you're a programmer you're a geek I don't know do it also in the super chat who is this Daniel misc Micah's Ely make the Liese hi remember me remember whoa you you bagged me I thought he said something else you bagged me and laughed at me for DNR Denarius coin market calm so he says this Denarius coin and yeah I did laugh at this guy because I thought he I I didn't think Denarius even was a real altcoin we were talking about like fake I was talking about fake gold coins and then someone says Denarius coin and like the Denarius coin was a coin that they cut pieces of gold off of to make it – to make it worth less I mean I don't remember the whole story now but I thought the guy was like I thought he was trolling me but now is this a real coin so obviously he's paid me five dollars again to mention it it must be doing well if you watch the show yesterday I talked about how the 50 Roth T coins are all doing well there's a junk rally right now so I don't know much about the Nereus coin but if it's doing well I guess it's doing well and again I that you know you weren't trolling me I thought you were trolling I thought it was a joke and I was liar I was laughing during a video like all I got I got trolled but I didn't get true and I thought too much into it so anyway thank Thank You Danny I do remember you and that is a memory from 2017 we have all sorts of memories from 2017 okay but thank you for the $5 and thank you for the past donations to because you did given the past also thanks to everyone who has supported the show in 2017 and and the years past also but this has been a huge year for the show it's been a huge year for me in terms of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and did my internet presence and Dom just becoming a more free person I guess I mean I I've only worked for myself for a very long time but now it's like a whole new level of comfort because of the Bitcoin my savings account which is Bitcoin has obviously increased a lot in value I mean we a year ago we were talking about how Bitcoin was about to hit a thousand dollars and now I guess as of Showtime what is it 13,500 so it's gone up 13

5 times so my my my holdings have gone up 135 times at the very least it's like counting the be golden tubie cash you know all that fun stuff there's OPSEC again classified giving two dollars dude you're trying to be the last dude of 2017 to give up to do a super chat maybe you are thank you very much thank you very much thank you everyone okay so yeah be rhodium experiment with your segment addresses many lingham has a very interesting tweet out there I he basically asked I didn't copy this part of the tweet how do I link to it below so check it out to tell me what it really says he basically asked people how do they value their wealth you know I say value your wealth in Bitcoin he didn't phrase it exactly like that but 48% of people say they value it in us dollars twenty eight percent say Bitcoin fourteen percent say other fiat currency ten percent say other cryptocurrency so okay forty eight percent say US dollar twenty eight percent say Bitcoin let's come on 2018 let's bring it up that day more people on Vinnie Ling camps Twitter hello because he obviously has more cryptocurrency people following him than non cryptocurrency people well maybe he doesn't because you know he's been on TV and everything for his TV show but we want the people who value their wealth and Bitcoin to surpass the people who value their wealth in us

dollar at the very least I hope that the people who watch my show that most of you by now value your wealth and Bitcoin I totally value my wealth and in Bitcoin you know when I was playing around with the Z classic thing I don't care how much Fiat that you know it goes up in value I care how much that thing goes up in value in terms of a Bitcoin that's how I care about all the crypto dividends whether it be private be gold be cash and for me it's like I'm getting this thing for free I want to get this amount of Bitcoin out of it I don't care that it's worth one's worth 301 days for 250 the other day no I care if it's worth two percent of a Bitcoin one day 1% of a Bitcoin the next day no I wanted to be 2% I'm gonna sell it to for 7 or 3% of a Bitcoin trying to get as much Bitcoin as possible I have a goal for 2018 how many Bitcoin I want to be at by the end of 2018 and I probably could get to that it's a nice round number I don't want to you know everybody knows I already have a good amount of side I want to get to another nice round number there and it would be you know I think I could probably can get there now if I got rid of all my uh you know the be gold or I don't know who knows but by the goal is and you should let why I'm rambling on about this right now is you guys to buy the into 28:18 set a goal say I want to have 10 Bitcoin by the end of 2018 I would have a hundred Bitcoin by the end of 2018 and again you don't have to buy it you you cannot get your Krypton dividends you can just hold it you know put some pressure on the exchanges in Tresor a ledger to split some of these guys that are out there or start your own steam it page and earn steam and steam dollars and trade that in for Bitcoin or just you know you got a bonus from work you get a fifty thousand dollar bonus at work yeah then use that to buy Bitcoin sure do that then use your feet I'm saying I only again I've only used Fiat to buy I mean I've never used Fiat to buy anything else but Bitcoin Antonelli only I'm gonna tell people to write Bitcoin with their Fiat only don't don't say oh there's like coins cheaper there's a fee no oh don't do that get into the Bitcoin alright I've been saying the same thing all 2017 I said 2060 SN 2015 check out the archives link to below if you don't believe me why oh my god 600 videos but basically all say the same thing which is buy it home pound that like button that's all I really say but I mean still people don't maybe they want to play around with things their Genesis mind sanity ugh that remember I'll be in Johannesburg omars attempt most likely for a meister event more details in 2018 we're getting close I only have a little bit over an hour left here in Sandia it is beautiful in San Diego I haven't been I was in San Diego as a very young person and so I haven't been here for a long time but it's beautiful and Petco Park is a complete copy of Camden Camden Yards trust me it is they all copy Camden Yards Camden Yards in Baltimore it was the first of the retro ballparks that is where I am from Baltimore so I've got the can demure can the Arts pride I'm a Petco Park look beautiful and I got really up close to it it's cotton it I mean I'm not gonna be the baseball stuff they never won the World Series here so they have to have their little National League pennants instead of having a World Series title this did no offense San Diego I'm not nipping on yet I'm not ripping on you bottom Orioles 1966 1970 1983 world champions and that is part of by the way all of you people who can't be long-term thing his long-term thinkers who are impulsive part of my training on being a long-term thinker I've been waiting since 1983 ok I I know what it was like to wait for a world series okay that's the last time the world's with the world series my whole life I've been waiting for enough bass referred up for I know they'll be back yeah I'll be back one day though or else I'll be back they will win the World Series one day again just like the Cubs fans had the weight they had the waiter over a hundred years well I guess they were all dead by the time it happened but ain't happy and that's the thing with Bitcoin to long term just be don't be impulsive long term with Europe with your financial management people think long term alright be private has a new reddit I think they had a problem with their first reddit I went to it below I also drink to a new article of theirs below which is you know it's informative a a lot of people have classic questions about the Z classic be private Bitcoin crypto dividend again really simple um yes if you hold Bitcoin you will get your be private if you hold Z classic you will get your V private also that's all I have to say about that for now was we've talked about in so many other shows now it's ridiculous Wade Wade they do to pick me up we were talking about the Tresor today and just how helpful it was you know when he he didn't have a Tresor yet at the time of the be cash fork so he had to deal with the paper wallet and it was really a pain and again the Tresor simplifies everything for you you don't have to worry about the crypt of dividends how you gonna get it they'll do it for you eventually it's very safe you can send from there from paper wallets you can't send from the Tresor what is I don't know how much it costs now it is very much worth the investment whether it be $100 or $200 buying a crypto a stone you wallet comm use the mine link below or just buy in at Tresor and use my link below you'll get discounts okay but that should be your resolution 428 one of your resolute tho resolutions for 2018 dead at reservoir it's safety it'll get your coins off of these exchanges and again keep your Bitcoin there your Z cash there your aetherium your theorem plastic your light for your – treasurer does a lot I probably skip something so make your treasurer resolution in 2018 it has been it has been great for me I know Andy Hoffman will say it has been great for him also pound that like button check out crypto Gold Central Command Andy – what a year has been for andy hoffman you know at the beginning of 2017 he was mr gold now he's mr Bitcoin times are a-changing people times are a-changing who could have predicted that who could have predicted anything uh you know that so many of the things that happened anything had happened I mean I remember March when we had the Bitcoin what would they even call that the Bitcoin unlimited threat there were threats every month there were high points every month we had some great shows on here oh it's a rate this week's in bitcoins that the dad that wanted March when Vinnie lingham came on in the middle of the show that was the bet that was the best there was a lot of fun that was getting thrown around man but it was like breaking dude oh you guys gotta check out the archives for that when I didn't link to it below but check out the March money it was two hours it was a great time well what great memories we all have from this year and what you know we've all mine you we all met some great people some of us did we all met online and it's funny I think Wade would agree you know when people meet me it's like they already know me because I do put it all out there and then everyone I have met in real life says I'm I'm the same as I am right here right now this is who I am but it's kind of cool when I meet someone who who's followed the show and just pay attention to the show it's like I know them too it's if you follow the show if you follow them with all the antics and stuff it's it's cool it's it's really cool when I meet some who has watched the show now obviously they they know me better than I know that if they haven't put everything out there but still there's a there's a compatibility it's really awesome and I hope to meet more of you in 2018 in person in person again I'll be in again Colorado I'll go over all the dates I might be in San Francisco next week in Portland and West Coast tour convinced me to come to Los Angeles next week people come on I'll be here until the ninth give me a reason to come up to Los Angeles and then I'll go to San Francisco afterwards or my friend in Portland okay we're not gonna get into that and I do like ever I do like Los Angeles I I know Los Angeles what's up to the people at Echo Park my hipsters up there yeah God so final tweet here well Panda I forgot to share this yesterday if you really believe Ripple which isn't even a blockchain project is the future of cryptocurrencies and I have some big connect and one coin to sell you that's pretty funny dude that's pretty funny well that adds up all right so 2017 clearly was the greatest year at Bitcoin history so far but guess what 2018 is gonna be the best year in encrypted in Bitcoin history so far every year is a better year that's the excitement in this Sun in this industry and this ecosystem it's so unpredictable there's so much growth whether it be even the awkward side or the Bitcoin side of things it has just been wild yeah obviously I think if you're a programmer if you're an engineer type if you're a technical guy here a marketing guy i think bitcoin is the best to get into maybe not if you're a marketing guy actually marketing is sales people they the off points probably need you more than big point does they'll pay you victory can't pay you the centralized ones will pay you so what am I saying but it's it's exciting I think all of you will agree it's exciting and about to enter a new year I will not make the price prediction I wouldn't even say maybe big boy wanting to be worth more than thirteen thousand five hundred on the last day of next year I don't know I do know by 2020 it will be worth more though at the 2020 happy it will be worth more than it is today that is what long-term thinking is all about yeah I know some of you think January 1st 2019 seems like it's far away it is it's just 365 days away that's not very far away Bitcoin having in 2020 look is a bit further away so that's your goal people I get one step closer the big point happening in 2020 or what's tough question the big point having a 2024 or 2028 etc etc etc so thanks for the great year everyone be proud of yourselves all the people that helped through all of this be proud be half pride I admire your conviction and you've all done a great job and those of you who were tempted and sold and everything you know what no regrets just hold on now hold on now we're still far away from 2020 this is only the beginning found that like button everyone it's been a great year I look forward to doing a show every single day of the year in 2018 other than the second day of Rosh Hashanah and the second day of Passover which is the tradition so but there will be way more than 365 shows that in the year though obvious sometimes I do two or three a day thank you very much everyone i am adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video check out the notes section below one final time in 2017 pound that like button be safe have fun tonight everyone I will see you in 2018 bye bye

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