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Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is December the 28th 2017 happy birthday grandma my grandmother turned ninety five years old today we had a good time here in Baltimore I'm ready to get out of Baltimore and go to San Diego on the 31st we'll talk about that in a second everyone remember to check out the notes section below you can get cool shirts like this from cryptography D this is the honey badger a big coin yeah nice shirt I was just this vortex I mean this hat is a nice hat I showed it before now this is the old 2x that we defeated now there's a Bitcoin crypto dividend called Segway 2x I'll talk about that later in this video also checked out crypto hwy comm I get a ledger at reservoir it's listed below by links discount codes what's up to my boy Shane in Portland Oregon I just want to say hi what do we got here yeah I'm still really far behind thanks to the person who sent me light coin you know who you are dude you're you're an awesome a guy over there on a steam it for that thank you also you can email me at Adam at reservoir help calm if you need a crypto consultation we can set something up I can help you set up your trays or you can just ask me questions it's worth it it's fun it's great talking to Adam Meister one-on-one yeah so I'll be in San Diego starting on the 31st of December I just decided to go there today because it's warm there it's like the best weather in America I'll be there until the 9th I might go well who knows where I'll be next but yeah I'm looking forward to that so here in San Diego to say hi I can't wait to be in the warm weather so let's talk about crypto resurrections here debris that so first of all I some people happy that I talked about Z classic I wonder why I was talking about it when it was $10 and where did it get up to $80 now so yeah that that's pretty cool but again the only reason it matters is because they are doing this new thing this crypto resurrection of an altcoin by jumping on the crypto dividend Bitcoin bandwagon but this is new this is unique transitioning and altcoin and making it a Bitcoin crypto dividend this is the strength a Bitcoin even all coins that already exist want a piece of Bitcoin and that what they're doing over there is showing that and thank you for the two dollars in the super chat good cause II classic how long would you hold dude clearly you gotta wait until uh you get your free uh you're free be private from this that's the point to get the be private man I mean if you want to do what you want to be I'm not an all coin trader I'm just trying to get people Bitcoin crypto dividends man that's all trying to I'm trying to help Bitcoin out so I don't know how to um you know I'm already I mean I'm good everybody knows like when I got it so everybody knows I'm super duper ahead on it now um I mean what I what I did is I got rid of I got rid of a little bit to cover all my uh all the rest of it so whatever happens to the rest of it it's totally free to me it's awesome so do that I guess just does sell what you have sell what you need to so that the whole thing is free I don't know I can't get I can't give trading if I'm not a traitor I'm saying get your crypto debit instead of buy a Bitcoin to get this crypto dividend um just you know get whatever I'm not giving any advice of all coins alright I think I said it was a good speculation clearly it was okay I don't want people to do crazy things it's $80 now for God's sakes I was talking about it when I was ten dollars and but but let's study the logic behind what is going on though and why it is interesting to see how this turns out I mean it's it could create a whole new trend in Bitcoin crypto dividends and rock the space yet again I mean and by the way people are attacking the guy Rhett who's behind this and again I had been in touch with Rhett since the be gold days does he won the fort be gold he's a smart guy and he might like be people he likes be cash that's his business whatever that's his business but for people to insult this guy for his intelligence I mean it is laughable I give a link below to rets backgrounds he graduated from MIT he completed his BS Bachelors of Science in physics he's interested in nuclear energy he stayed at MIT to complete his master's in nuclear nuclear engineering so yeah that's the guy behind Z classic he's no fool so if you would be a troll and you called him stupid you're you are just the ultimate in troll troll ation out there I mean but uh yeah I let's see how it happened it's a crypto resurrection we need a term for this when you resurrected altcoin through forking it sparking it as ret put it through bitcoin so if you have Z classic questions I can't answer them go to their reddit I like our other social media groups that are listed at their reddit there also is a frequently asked questions section about the be private Fork that is all link to below I can't answer your questions a lot of you have questions send message to Rhett – I don't know I don't know what to say your let's see how it plays out it's really unique and we might see a lot more of this in 20 that's in 2018 that is the excitement of Bitcoin you don't know what is next what's gonna be around the corner next it's really exciting and so we we want this crypto dividend to do well because as big coin holders we're gonna get we're gonna get this for free and hey if you're a Z classic holder you get this for free also Z classic is basically gonna turn into this thing um but this thing this thing being be private well and again and another thing that's interesting you know it's about time that a friendly Fork of Bitcoin was like a total privacy fork and because we've people have always said including myself people ask me all the time what all coins are gonna survive until 2024 and I said you may be a privacy one like Manero or Z cash and and people just they used to say – and this is this is basically Z cash so maybe it with the Bitcoin name be private maybe that'll be the winner of the privacy mark market I don't know they're taking it to a whole new level by taking on the Bitcoin name and by forking it through Bitcoin so let's see how it plays out hey and you know it might totally fit maybe they won't even get around to the fork this is unpredictable stuff here okay we've seen stuff fail before we've seen things succeed the word is spreading over social media now it is very interesting to say the least crypto dividend space is very entry it is just found that like button if you like from the dividends I like free coins for just holding Bitcoin I don't know why you don't again people go it's it's hurting Bitcoin again that that's just Krypton noise I think that's people who sit who just want to bring down Bitcoin or is people who don't understand what's going on because bitcoin is like 14,000 freakin dollars and this time last year it was $900 so no it's not hurting the brand by having all these Forks then most people don't even know about these Forks still and here's another one that people don't know about that I just got word of and I forgot if I link to it below even I will have to go around get around to it's a bee light they call it it so go see the bitcoin light dot us

bitcoin light li te us I hardly even checked it out III should link to it below all right my boy crypto Medici oh by the way I forgot to say tomorrow is this week in Big 11p 11:00 am Eastern Standard Time that's like in 12 hours to in here ties n is gonna be on who else is gonna be on Paul capistan e he's a tech dude you know him he's been on the show before and and we have a special MIG tau guest he's new you haven't heard of him before you haven't seen him before he comments in the set he seems Russell he comments a lot maybe you've seen him over in the chat saying he loves crypto dividend so we've got three different people and who knows what might happen you know whose ties eggs get argumentative you know he started arguing maybe tying uh Russ are gonna get into an argument I don't want that to happen I'm not in the battles and so ty is a great guy a great guy you either love him or you hate it we move apparently out there I don't know and Russell will be very interesting and Paul is a smart dude who's actually met me in person who's partied with the Meister whetheryou Meister used to party like a rock star Paul was partying with me in Baltimore so that's always fun when he's on alright so with me I wanted to talk about crypto meet Medici who's been on the show before and he retweeted me and we got in touch thanks for retweeting me dude you rock and he actually going back to the Z classic I hope I haven't been calling it be classic who cares what the heck I'm tell you guys got to know what I'm talking about by now Z classic is becoming be private a crypto dividend a Bitcoin and now this will set a new precedent he says most lower caps will try to copy enjoyed your analysis you were spot on well thank you and yeah I agree that if this is successful that other like 30 or 50 or 40 or altcoins are gonna be like dude we got to do this man and by the way it's a cool thing interesting thing about somewhat established altcoins jumping on Bitcoin and becoming Bitcoin crypto dividends is that you know you can't scream people like right away you know you hear about be diamond it's a scam it's a scam super BTC it's a scam it's a scam be gold how many Pete where are the people who say be gold was a scam there was one guy especially in my comment section I forgot – dude's name now he doesn't come around too much anymore that guy it was a guy or a girl uses a girl's I fished one oh you're everyone's gonna lose their body from fecal no app you know what you're saying you know what you're saying oh dude I knew what I was saying all right look what happens sucker look what happened boy 3% of a bitcoin or 2% or whatever you got up to 5% you could get a lot of money for it it was no scam but again guys like that who just like the troll and who have nothing better to do in their lives and who I've given way too much attention to in this video clearly like just like to say everything's a scam but they can't say they can't say it as loudly when it's already an established altcoin because the altcoin already exists it's already there it's already got a community it's not popping out of nowhere they're trying it just better themselves through Bitcoin better yourselves through Bitcoin buy and hold strong hand pound that like button all sorts of atom oyster sayings all right what's next live it up get some energy people it's 11:55 at night 3 I want to make this short come on uh all right a lot of bed the big diamond dudes who you're all gonna still say it's a scam how the hex is a scam if they're not stealing anything from you so let's see it's still not you know they're not all treasure yet the dude is working on it he says live for withdrawal and deposit mkto ok you know whatever go play on gate that I Oh be my guest go over there he says also replay protection is being implemented tonight ok good well that's why no one should be split trying to split it on their own yet I'll tell you that again and it's again Bitcoin diamond volunteer is an awesome dude and awesome dude I linked to him below you can ask him questions about the diamonds we just got hit up with a ton of thud started with an article from Bitcoin we know that's that's unfortunate that's unfortunate that people have to fudge you that people have nothing better than the dude that spread fun but I'm giving you a chance man come through be diamond I'm getting excited come on Tresor do your thing these guys are trying to be legit they're trying to do they're trying to communicate with the people we want some free be diamond for our Bitcoin holdings baby at least I do I want it you know value your wealth in Bitcoin try to get more Bitcoin okay Ari yes I talked about the resurrection coins Saget can be used for the resurrection quartz I don't know I'm making up coins I'm making up terms all the time and are getting adopted crypto dividend you know it baby it was originated right here I told you all it was gonna be big and now everybody wants a piece of the crypt of dividends even though all coins even the Z classic mice just coming up with all sorts of things marketing guru Meister that's why you know that majoring in Washington University and marketing sure paid off actually no it's just if you're a smart person you're gonna be wealthy eventually I mean it's just the way it is if you have energy if you have incentive if you if you just go for it stuff I mean that's so go for it just don't sit there people be in motion be in but you can be a genius and not be emotion and just let it rot your brain away which would be uh that's unfortunate God be in motion and this cryptocurrency world you're in emotion all the time and hey you know what you got a pivot a little you got to open your mind a little bit to you know to some different things yeah I would never have talked about an altcoin like Z classic in the past but once they did something so freaking innovative like this and so yet Rhett is a freaking genius Rhett is a he's smarter than Adam Meister I'll tell you that I'm there if he's nucular engineering at MIT I think come on that's a frickin genius and a half so this was a genius idea on his part it deserves to be talked about it deserves to be explored good luck to all I mean that is the innovation in cryptocurrency beautiful it gets you going baby it gets you excited baby alright alright so Polonius is not getting me excited right now okay pound that like button 118 live viewers yeah let's do more you wake up it I'll wake you up by screaming some more those Apollonian says some bad news out there they have a press release notice to legacy account holders basically they're warning people that in January at some point if you don't give them more information including your social security number you're not gonna be able to trade or get your money off of there so go to their site if you're already a member and click on their press release I'd link to their press release below read it become familiar with it prepare okay prepare that's unfortunate so fortunately all this know your customer nonsense the government's force upon exchanges it's it's it's unfortunate it's unfortunate um I was talking to someone real today whose newest to Bitcoin newish runs with Jewish like Adam haha anyway is some his new newest to Bitcoin and it's just interesting talking to them because they're like he's got his he's got his big point of at kureta a coin base and he's happy he's okay I got my freebie cash and you know I've got some white core I bought some white coin in a theory I'm also to diversify and you know I've heard about this ripple thing what's this ripple thing Adam so they all of the newbies but again they are gonna fuel a lot of this so like coin a theory I'm going up in price and you know it's gonna probably guys like this and ripple if ripple gets added there to I guess that's the rumor that's pumping it again we all have to put we got to get tweets out there to tell Trez or you know that you can already store Z cash there what can't they alter it a little I mean I am no tech guru but Zee classic is a fork of Zee cash so k if they can store Zee cash there can't they just do a little bit more work so you can store some Zee classic there because that's a question I'm getting a lot where should I store my Zee classic where should I be oh my God if I need to be able to get the crypto give it in there first of all I mean maybe we gotta put pressure on Victrix to to like just a ward people that the be private if they have Z classic there now I don't like holding things that exchange is either not so traceur come on baby but we got time who knows when this pork is really gonna happen or not um maybe will it be the middle of January and the January stay tuned watch this video for all sorts of crypto dividend news and updates you already got your be private your be like your B be diamond and now let's talk B to X so again just want to clarify they fork today I'll link to it below they are not the unfriendly Segway to X fork that we all dislike before no no no they just are borrowing the name to get more attention hey they're marketing it so we'll see how that turns out hey I wanted to do well so what they chose a horrible horrible name horrible name if it's gonna get us three percent on our holdings then BAM it's a good way to get some more Bitcoin baby alright so a friend of mine from college I've talked about this guy before you know he's going all into the cryptocurrency when the friend for college sends you the following texts you know cryptos are like unstoppable and this is just the start of something huge this is what my friend who is like an engineering dude I mean he's not a finance guy he's a smart guy he went to Washington University and say Lewis you gotta be smart to go there apparently I've gotta get a good SAT I think anyway when you know you pick a test when you're 16 years old you may n re anyway he says Mike portfolio is about seven but is up about 75% since December 10th to now during this same period that the overall market capitalization went from 458 to 558 billion up only 23% so he's going in all this technical all these numbers and stuff he's my buddy's an ANA analysis he can't keep his eyes off of the numbers he's died diversifying and I'm screaming at him dude value your wealth the big coin how you buying all these all coins now why are you doing this man I know you're a smart man but why are you doing this he's giving me numbers and everything so again it guys like this he's no 80 percenter he's a 20% but a guys like this are getting into it now and he better than her almost becoming day traders yeah this thing is unstoppable this Bitcoin is on stock I'd be weird just a whole new world were entering here so I can buy a whole Bitcoin people don't do what my friend is doing he's got a wife and kids come on brother come on man you were the one who taught me patience is a virtue no he is uh he did say he is a UH he's up he's a golden holder he's a pion holder but he's like dying in these other things he's asking me asking me all sorts of questions he is interested in the Z classic thing for the you know the for kiddies ask me some questions about that good strong hand to turn out that crypto uh crypto noise it's out there okay I hope I'm not skipping everything because I'm feeling really quick okay um this guy bitcoin budgie I like him he's on his own Twitter here's a tweet and I do not use these words these are his words but I agree about the inflationary aspect of what he's saying Bitcoin makes tax avoidance a hundred percent legal no it doesn't but he explains why he said that remember inflation is the biggest tax on the low to middle classes by storing their wealth in non-inflationary assets like Bitcoin ordinary people can avoid this tax ok that is a good tweet but I don't want I don't like talking about things like that because you get into confusing words there and some people don't like to talk about those type of but you're avoiding inflation heck yeah Val your wealth in Bitcoin try to avoid inflation yes ok Sandman that migt al dude all of a sudden has a Bitcoin video I link to it below he's got a huge following so when he talks about cryptocurrency that's good for the space I didn't like the video that much a lot of mainstream BS in it but hey he doesn't know much about cryptocurrency but at least he talked about it I think that's awesome ok and Ken Bozak I was on his show recently and I link to that below so check that out and again uh yeah we said to put pressure on ledger and Nano to split all the coins that are gonna be out there come on make it easy for us dudes make some tweets about this people specifically target trees or about the Z classic thing on it I will retweet it just just and maybe I'm gonna have to tweet about it I've been really busy people I cannot email you back I'm very behind still sorry about that to the people who expect me I'm again if you wanna pay me then yeah yeah I'll get to you faster much faster but again yeah and that's just life that's just life in general you got paid a payday to get to the front of line sometimes that's why wealthy people get a lot of a lot of good things in life ok finally no I'll get did this next time alright no help tip of the day I'm Adam I should've Bitcoin I should disrupt meister remember to subscribe his channel like this video share this video to check out the notes section below I'll say Paul is in the chat he's gonna be live tomorrow and 11 am on this very channel this weekend Bitcoin town that like point I'll talk to you guys soon bye

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