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Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show it all starts with one bitcoin people try to get yourself on Bitcoin today his December the 12th 2017 twelve twelve seventeen remember when it was twelve twelve twelve that was pretty cool wasn't it anyway by a hole of strong hand people okay so yeah thank you to the person who I think it was on December 2 semeth sent me some Bitcoin and my Bitcoin address listed below I just noticed that that was really nice of you person and I have all my cryptocurrency addresses listed below these videos all the pertinent links that deal with these videos are listed below you know dat res or ledger nanoa crypto HW wallet comm with my affiliate link we got a cryptography these t-shirts now this t-shirt I'm not exactly sure who sent me this well I am now I don't remember really emailing this person and she sent me a small which is you know a little small on me and everything I'm not as small but she knew my the address that I have my stuff sent to it's actually not the house that I own um but it got here and I don't thank you very much for this shirt red it's uh Medusa Medusa dollmaker I link to her her page below so thanks for making this custom Bitcoin shirt maybe other people be interested in it too I did we email these show did you email me I get so many emails anyway see Russ is in the chat Russell's in the chat right now if you're in the chat you want to have a question do the super chat I'll notice you but I see Russ is Russell's picture and actually I linked to I'll talk about his steam it post in in a moment here so let's shot let's let's first of all talk about the good news here that the crypto occurred the total market cap of cryptocurrency is approaching half a trillion dollars I mean that's amazing this is some serious money now isn't it when you look at it from that perspective when you start talking about the T word there and don't worry one day one day we might have a trillionaire come out of all this the Winklevoss brothers want to be the first trillionaires on earth they're well on their way to being that and I wish them luck I hope they become the first trillion Arizona on earth because if the wincle by become trillionaires or combined a trillionaire then all of us who hold Bitcoin are going to be doing really well also so delayed gratification people I forgot to say that strong hand delayed gratification people people are getting pretty bubblicious here so they forget about the late gratification they're like oh I gotta get back an alts now no people calm down we're gonna talk about we're gonna talk about the litecoin altcoin was that still it still when it boils down to it's nothing but a it's nothing but an all corn baby no I'm not Snoop Dogg nor do I want to be that dude anyway but that was a song of his from back in the day wasn't it ain't nothin but a G thang baby look look a lot of things like a black man now yeah real good at them no I don't not a not a good rapper here no but of course when you're an adolescent you listen to that's stuff uh-huh anyway let's see oh yeah here's he tweet by uh money Triggs well that Dutch family that sold their house and belongings for bitcoin India thousands is laughing now oh yeah they're laughing now now I thought that was pretty gimmicky baby well all the media covers that they got was pretty gimmicky but when you boil down to it my lord they sold everything for Bitcoin when it was like worth $1,800 or $1,200 they're doing really well now I hope that does family takes care of their kids and you know lives a good life yeah i-i'll Inc two Russ's steam it below I haven't read the whole thing yet but uh vortex said it was good so I'm trusting vortex and again if you if you point out your steam it's to me I will receive it ivory Steen rustles uh steam steam it post also this is live old steam it right now if you're all steam it you can watch this video that I'm doing right now live or you can watch it later on steam it because I'm coordinating with my steam it page I'm bitcoinmeister on there and we're gonna talk about some other people from steam it who pointed out air there post to me that I Reece teamed and then I will talk about in this video okay so light coin everyone is talking about the light coin pump I mean y-yeah okay now now it is approaching an all-time high in big in terms of big coin it's approaching that if you have like coin I would definitely sell it now to get your to get your point o to Bitcoin who cares and it goes up higher you're still getting point o to Bitcoin the likelihood that it's gonna go up higher I don't think this is gonna continue it already was higher earlier in the day so people who bought it around four hundred dollars and now it's back around three hundred dollars they might not end up very happy people this is not something to play with this is not something to play with um but hey it's it's your risk if you want to risk your precious Bitcoin on this altcoin whatever I noticed that Glenn Beck had Charlie Leon on the 7th so that might have helped – that didn't hurt I did notice that Glenn Beck has gained a lot of weights as the last time I saw him pound that like button if you're looking forward to the end of this show where I'm gonna have that Adam's health talk because some people wanted me to talk about healthy lifestyle again you know I'm into that stuff we're gonna get into that don't be going back I'll tell you that whatever hazing you don't want to be eaten oh my god so oh yeah going back to chocolate so the mainstream media is even coverage covering this light point pump so it's it's it's fueling its fueling itself now okay the it's going up in value a Charlie leave was on was on what was he on CNBC or something recently so these are all factors but again for me the main factor is that newbies on coinbase see that bitcoin is is so expensive they like I'm gonna get the cheapest thing here and that's litecoin they're also getting aetherium you can see this in the theorems numbers popping up now there are people tweeting about this you know G Dax I think G Dax does include coinbase G Dax is basically coinbase if you look at a theory I'm a light coin that makes up a huge hunk of their numbers right now so this is just an example of that all coin pumps can happen at any time that can happen for all sorts of strange reasons like bitcoin is too expensive people don't understand they can buy a fraction of a Bitcoin there are too many new people coming the coin base all at once but I mean it shows you that hey it's all cyclical be cash is gonna pump again also speaking of coin base and be cash and pumps when coinbase finally releases the B cash and everyone starts to dump their B cash it might drop for a while but then then what is B cash is big that's going to be sold on coin base is that gonna be the next listing on coin base I mean since they're taking their time giving it out you think there'd be working with something behind the scenes pertaining the B cash they're not exactly the biggest bitcoin fans in the world over there I don't know that could be the next V cash pump because coin based suddenly decides to list it Quinn base like Omar hey Tom they influenced pumps they do we're experiencing one right now with litecoin and I've recreated some Lake Point stuff check out my my twitter at tech thought I'm not gonna get in all the stuff that I did tweet but but it's interesting because I mean like coin e litecoin is a testament for Bitcoin that's about it that's about all it is for me man good luck it's a back up it's it's like well be cash is insurance for be cash is insurance for Bitcoin also I was gonna say light point isn't sure it is like like worst-case scenario insurance for Bitcoin what did they used to call that type of insurance anyway here we've got another tweet my house tour Melanie coinbase two customers please invest responsibility responsibly customers you're right let me get these cheaper coins LTC yeah that's what happened they said that were the investors possibly and so they were so responsible that they decided bitcoins too expensive I'll get these other things I don't know you can buy a fret I didn't know you could buy a fraction of a Bitcoin and people if you don't know that you can buy a fraction of a Bitcoin you probably even shouldn't even be buying like coin etherium educate yourself watch more of these videos okay here is a tweet that came out vini link ham had a tweet about what what do you think is most undervalued cryptocurrency right now be cash Bitcoin litecoin and aetherium it's actually still out there but bitcoin was in third even though it's like more $17,000 20% of people thought a Bitcoin was a most undervalued cryptocurrency out there right now but anyway under that tweet is another tweet and I link to that tweet by Luigi Campos he says I have no words to describe my disgust for how litecoin rode on the back of people's ignorance of the fact that they can buy less than 1 unit of Bitcoin that sums it out right there doesn't it but yeah check out that dudes tweet because you will also be able to see in Vinny's poll that you'll be able to vote in if you care about that kind of thing but yeah there's so many newbies in this space there's so many 80 percenters in this space that all call social art all coins are gonna pump for all sorts of reasons there's your reason all right so we talked about they have a trillion dollar market cap we talked about like coin what's else what else is next year oh I Oh duh time to talk about some more iota for all you 80 percenters ok because dude remember I only say to buy Bitcoin if you're a newbie here I buy no altcoin all coins are a way if you happen to ask for all coins it's a great way to get Bitcoin you can get all sorts of free alt coins for you know you can post little steam it you get free steam if you hold Bitcoin you get all these crypto dividends like the latest one that's out is super BTC we'll talk about that in a second but you got freebie cash why buy be cash when you get it for free you sell it for Bitcoin it's great but anyway here's a tweet from my Ozzy he says funny how in the trust machine space a company can falsely mislead the market about Microsoft partnership resulting in a whale pump in market value without any consequences and then he says i io de currency so apparently iota implied somehow that they had a partnership with Microsoft but now they are stating that they don't have that so that might have helped lead to the iota pump along with the fact that it's listed that all these Korean people got into it maybe they caught that rumor and that's why they pumped it who knows but it's just like iota is so sketchy it is just so sketchy are the people behind it are clearly if they're putting out these like Microsoft partnership rumors that aren't even true but hey man if you're like an eighty percent or do you want to mess with these altcoins be my guest in the end of the day I'm ending up with more Bitcoin because of you guys I still don't know how you dudes by freaking steam dollars steam back dollars from III I don't understand why you'd give up your precious Bitcoin for steam back dollars you're giving me your precious Bitcoin given me more Bitcoin it is awesome you want to be on my side of the train people I'm telling you out there you want to be on my side of the trade it's it's it's I'm doing well hey on a personal note this is a funny little joke about you know everyone knows I'm doing really well with with the crypto cart with the Bitcoin obviously but I still live a frugal lifestyle I haven't changed at all and I have a brother-in-law at least one brother-in-law I'm at least one brother-in-law ok this brother-in-law I mean as I don't say how many siblings I have it you know but this brother-in-law he likes to give me his shirts were the same size and he's been giving me these nice shirts and I'm still taken I'm still wearing a man it's awesome not Bitcoin really I mean just nice shirts that the dude doesn't mean anymore like one like he just ordered a new jacket from Amazon didn't fit him properly I got this new jacket now it's great too just because I have a lot of Bitcoin doesn't mean I'm gonna I'm gonna give up taking freebies and stuff from people who want to give me freebies I mean this is this is called quality shirts the guys giving me thanks a lot brother-in-law you're awesome man hey and you know what if I die tomorrow your kids are gonna be really interesting too they get the Bitcoin well they got to split it with a bunch of other kids but still they'll be in real good shape and he's a good guy yeah good guy to give me the shirts I mean to this very day the jacket that I wear my nice Jack it's his jacket these are not a heavy coat the heavy coat that I wear he gave me like a few years I still wear it to this married heck you can call Adam Meister cheap if you want to I call Adam moister smart because all that money that I saved over the years from free stuff to people gave me I invested in the Bitcoin and I would buy that Bitcoin at $400 $700 and everything so yeah it pays off dude frugal lifestyle you you can you can sing you can be part of like the mob that's like the hyper consumerism people or you could be against consumerism you know live within your means you know someone's gonna give you something nice for free hey take it and invest your money into something that's worthwhile that you know is gonna rock this frickin world and that you told people it was gonna rock this frickin world no shame in that baby I'm really proud of it actually I'm gonna wear that jacket leap ride baby I mean if I can tell you some of the chief things I do maybe we'll have a show about all the cheap things that Adam does how he saved money over the years and what not okay so but hey man it all went to big Winston it's been great so yeah speaking of Charlie Lee being on TV uh people are you know king of the trolls was recently on TV and if you don't know who king of the trolls is then your new buddy my channel I don't say his name he's a big player in be cash I don't give him uh I have no respect ever spent for the day whatever I mean well now you know I I think if he I had no respect for what he has done with with lately it with the be cash and stuff if the dude starts his own a cryptocurrency country or whatever and does some Oh more anarcho-capitalist stuff and then you know good for him then but who cares who who the heck you know what you make up your own mind about the dude but I'll say I'm not gonna give him any more attention give if you anyway he was on TV made on mainstream media TV pumping up his coin and that one's been going up lately so oh well as I said the dudes gonna keep pumping he's free to do so why why the mainstream media lets him on their shows well they don't know that you know they like they like talking about BTC Jesus they call him Bitcoin geez they're so far behind the times in the mainstream that they they still using the term Bitcoin Jesus I don't even know how he can like accept that term anymore eme I would never Alette I would never appear on the show that called me that well first of all I'm Jewish so that's a whole different thing you know know that there's no way if you called me Bitcoin Moses let's say I would not appear on it's like the title of the show is Bitcoin Moses and that's that's taken a little too far I mean I don't have an ego for God's sakes like no I'm proud I am proud of my accomplishments and every single one of you who has done well through from Bitcoin you might have 10 Bitcoin you might have 20 big when you might have a hundred Bitcoin 210 Bitcoin you should you should tell the word world that you've got a lot of it you don't have to say how much you have but you should be proud of it because you did well in this world today this is a world of shame where you supposed to be ashamed of everything shame shame shame you're a part of the elite 1% no you should be proud because you planned ahead that's what this that's what this channels about long-term thinking and being proud of your accomplishments you know you know and that's something that I'm at molyneux stefan molyneux talks about don't don't cower away and and say oh I shouldn't I should feel bad that I'm rich no you should be happy that was the goal baby you accomplished something be proud strong hand you were too strong and you still have a strong hand and you should shout it to the world that you're gonna continue to have a strong hand and then your your net worth is gonna continue to go up and you're gonna hold that Bitcoin you're gonna get those free crypt of dividends and you're gonna turn them in the Bitcoin and you can have more and more and more Bitcoin and you're gonna be proud of it baby and I'm proud of it I'm proud then I got a lot of Bitcoin baby I'm proud of it you should be too alright this is where the big boys play baby if you don't like it go play in the Fiat world where you're gonna get bailed out by Hillary Clinton now Franken and who knows what other social justice warrior is gonna try to take my money – ain't no I do have to pay taxes so yeah you're gonna get some of some of my tech you're gonna get some of my money you freaking leech social justice warrior parasite leeches who couldn't they can't handle this world baby but over there yeah they in in the in the the world of politics where we have to care about these sociopaths yes you're gonna get you're gonna steal from me but anyway you you live you're a leech you're nothing so that you depend on the government you're a complete dependent you have no freedom you can't live a life and I urge all of you to get out of that world get into the grid cryptocurrency Bitcoin world baby where you don't have to depend on anyone but yourself freedom it's freedom all right what do we have here so yeah Peter Schiff is active again he's he's not too happy about this pump I haven't watched it but it says CNBC becomes crypto news Bitcoin that's the title of it okay the great Hugo Nunez says he said this in my I think he said this is the chat or III review the chat afterwards found that like button if you're in the chat right now you're enjoying this video Hugo Nunez said at some point BTC money going its own way I'd like that money going its own weight because there's the MiG towel movement which is men going on their own way and those dudes are awesome they live the minimalist lifestyle they'll take it from anyone and if you're a real man you go you don't let anyone tell you what to do you know that's some woman tell you what to do Oh get me this get me this please me you know try to try to impress me at the bar you gotta you gotta grew out of that guys you got to grow out of that lifestyle don't value your wealth in women Val your your wealth in Bitcoin because dude it's easy to sleep with them trust me trust me when you're when you're in your 20s and you're good-looking you're gonna get them all right you're gonna get them but you don't have to pay a dime for them then either so don't if you're if you are a guy who's in good shape in your twenties and everything nope don't pay for them I am I I've got I've had plenty in my day I thought play my did and guess what it's it's just a temporary hit is a temporary hit that orgasm is a temporary frickin hint dude and then what does it become it becomes nothing but a store so don't waste your money on crap like that invest it in Bitcoin and you know what if you do want a woman the right one will come to you eventually well possibly not but most of them are totally horrible tell I mean tell money-grubbing I mean they leech all for you know damn no don't understand how to handle money at all I mean most of them complete jokes with money who built this world was it women or was it men you tell me you tell me woman who built this world seriously and who continues to build this world so know your place know your role woman know your role hey and I can say that stuff like that was on my own boss isn't it a pleasure to be able to say so and that's no insult to the ladies that's no insult to the ladies they know their role don't try to pretend what you you know don't try to pretend that you're a man you're no man you don't have a penis you don't have a freaking penis you don't have the testosterone you can't you know whatever so continue to live oh man we're here to take care of you if you want to be taking care of them be then you know be nice about it don't try to steal from us and stuff don't try it you know this you think the fat ones even think they're hot now the fat ones for God's sakes I mean it's a joke a joke so anyway this is the kind of stuff you hear in the meat aisle videos I'm just giving you a sneak preview okay so watch some of these McTell videos these guys speak the truth this is what's going on in our world today women have become complete junk look at their tattoos I mean they're trying to be men it's a complete and then you have them still you have people that will come on here oh they're great with having money they don't take any chances dude all they do is shop at Macy's I mean this thing look I'm telling you how I've got all the I've got nice clothes and stuff I get it for free these women they gotta get they got to redo their wardrobes all the time just I mean this is how the Fiat system I mean survives thanks to these ladies putting the pressure on man and stuff to get them this this nonsense complete nonsense complete nonsense anyway so money going their own way down it going its own way that is that's Bitcoin there anyway so yeah this emo thing is out still um emo by it's a fork of Assyria me the guy keeps telling me about it maybe I'll have some more information it's aetherium modified it's a fork that's coming out on the 15th of December hey you know who knows what's gonna be you hold the theorem I don't hold that much etherion but hey if I can get some free for cos a crypto dividend from it that's that's great the classic is still alive the Bitcoin classic which was a fork of a big hash is still out there it's still being mined I linked as some stuff below so today's super super Bitcoin was fourth off of Bitcoin so that crypt of dividend is apparently alive put pressure on your exchanges to sell it on your trays or to lit it it's over in China over in Asia I'll keep it you know don't don't give up your private key to try to figure out what that's all about be careful be careful wait until you a trust a third party is dealing with it but apparently a fourth there are some big names in Asia that are behind in a very wealthy guys behind it so we'll see what happens the cash plus which is a fork of Bitcoin um they have a tweet a crypt of dividend for Co that hasn't happened yet we are rolling out the development we will launch test net on December the 20th all right that they said they were supposed to launch that actually on the fifth but at least they're they're updating their Twitter that's something to pay attention to that's not supposed to be alive to talk February 1st anyway I wanted to give you an update Simon Dickson is gonna be on the show on Friday on this week in Bitcoin that is going to be at 7 pm

um he says he's got a link and I link to it below the bf token is coming out oh yes bank to the Future his company is having a token pre register your interest in the PF token we built the largest community of high net worth investors investing online in FinTech Bitcoin and blockchain as we get ready to launch our secondary market in 2018 bank to the future is pleased to launch ok I just read the whole thing for sign is a friend he's a friend the show will definitely talk about that because I'm sure people are like dude Simon Dickson is launching a token now Vinnie link hands I mean Dixit everybody everybody I mean dude everyone's gonna do something different I'm all about the Bitcoin no baby but let's see what Simon's doing you can check out that link below here's a question that I got this person is a doctor this is a female doctor sent me this hello how does an average investor buy Bitcoin I'm not a miner and would have no idea how to do that is mining necessary now there's nothing wrong with that question I share that because this is the newbie mentality they have no idea they've heard about mining and they're like is that how you get Bitcoin they don't know it's as simple as just going to coin base using my affiliate link below I'm getting a $10 discount when you or $10 free when you use my affiliate link below but it is pretty easy to buy Bitcoin in the United States you just go to coin base but people don't get that I mean that's how many new people are in this all right here's something Adam saved my life someone was saying in chat yesterday and this is from Eddie Clark I was in debt I went all-in on Bitcoin and $1,000 in April he said he took out a loan listen to Adam every day and today I sold some 10% of my big coin to become debt-free okay I'm glad that watching my show was good for you you don't really want to get into debt but I'm glad you're debt-free now Shane the great Shane he has a steam it post that I linked to below about stefan molyneux being a million I used to check stefan molyneux who is always accepts donations through cryptocurrencies who always to check how much she had like how much his cryptocurrency stash was worth well now it's worth millions of dollars millions of dollars how much does he say over I mean it's like over five million but anyways Shane Shane did he do a steam it post about that so that's nice also this guy be near an Indian guy from who's using steam it I link to this below also he gives an update in big on Bitcoin things are getting very Orwellian over here this is in India the government is making it mandatory to link the National IDs with anything related to money now for even making cab rides with ride providers like uber we have to link it with our national ID if we pay using the uber money app also the Senate here is meeting next month wherein there is a very good chance that they will pass a bill which will legalize bank balance now I mentioned this before by the way so they I mean this is a serious thing this dude is talking about that will be big for Bitcoin if they start doing balance if in India anyway as for Bitcoin the mainstream has just started following it recently and they are very negative about it India having a very high number of IT employees they are many people who know about this but mostly people are just speculating not many see the big picture as for the gains from Kryptos there is an undercurrent developing wherein it won't be surprising if people are charged a much higher tax rate on their crypto gains alg india india seems like they are about to slap down their people in terms of finances again I would advise people in India get out of that rupee if you can get it into Bitcoin just hold it in Bitcoin don't convert it back into the rupee so they don't tax you do your local bitcoins if you can do not I mean I it's unfortunate that everything's being connected to your national ID my god that is Orwellian come on India you have over a billion people over there don't be or Willie Orwellian you're just gonna scare the 20 percenters out of your country the smart people are going and the smart people do leave there all right so the show has come to an end in terms of cryptocurrency town that like button I want to talk about some health things real quick I've been eatin some organic eggs lately now our organic eggs really better than regular eggs who knows probably the grass fed the birds that are raised in a happier environment are gonna produce healthier eggs let's just leave it at that but when organic is a whole nother level so I bring this up is because eggs are great but people fear eggs because they think they're gonna get a high cholesterol do do not fear fat don't fear natural fats will fear man-made that's the fear bats that are from some of those uh some some of those oils are complete nonsense that they are really bet canola oil these man-made oils these highly altered oils fear those fats don't mess with those type sunflower oils all even though it sounds health he says it's not good there's oils the only good oils are olive oil and coconut oil the other all the others are terrible it's probably another good one I'm leaving out but but anyway with the eggs eat all the eggs you want cholesterol makes your brain work properly statins which lower the cholesterol unnaturally they hurt your brain and that's that's there's a reason for that your brain needs cholesterol so all these people are obsessed with their cholesterol numbers you got a brick if you're eating healthy if you're not eating unnatural if you're not eating processed foods if you have a high cholesterol it trust me it's fine you can get it looked into more do not get put onto statins don't don't do not try statins you want to eat your eggs it's great for you eat your healthy meats you eat as much fat as you want to that comes from nature eat like a caveman there's nothing wrong with it people nothing wrong with it do not get obsessed with those cholesterol numbers please if you're eating healthy if you're thin if you're working out you got nothing to worry about with the cholesterol number these we're gonna learn one day that these cholesterol numbers mean nothing probably but again you do you you don't want to take some statin because the doctor says oh you've got a 201 cholesterol now it's time take a statin you're gonna be brain dead soon you're gonna get regretted i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video do check out the notes section below I will say hello to you guys in the chat bye bye

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