Bitcoin-Mining: So generieren Sie die Kryptowährung selbst

Bitcoin Mining: To generate the crypto-currency itself The idea of ​​a currency that is managed in a decentralized and is valid internationally, has since its first performance in 2008 found many million followers Meanwhile Bitcoins are used worldwide in e-commerce for several years

is independent cryptocurrency Bitcoin special is that no single government agency or bank manages the virtual money All transactions and also the creation of Bitcoins run locally from over the computer network of all participants The Bitcoins Mining plays a central role in the recording and security of transactions Because the owner of the computer that provides this service, receives remuneration in Bitcoins (some of which are newly drawn comes in part from the transaction fees), many people see the Bitcoins mining as a way to way to make money with little effort Bitcoin Mining: faster, better, more expensive

As with real gold panning the right equipment is critical to the success or failure of the company even when Bitcoin mining Simply put the mining is more successful, the higher is the processing power of the equipment used That's what Bitcoins Mining Around the clock running worldwide transactions that is where paid with Bitcoins

All these activities must be recorded and maintained so that they are comprehensible later What happens is that all took place in a given period transactions are summarized in a list within the network This list is called a block The function of Bitcoins mining is the confirmation and posting of all virtual operations within a block A confirmed block is transmitted in a virtual account book, the so-called block chain

To ensure the security of this main source, the transmission takes place in the block chain after an encryption of the block in the form of a hash, d a sequence of letters and numbers Bitcoin is a finite currency The Bitcoin mining is thus to detect newly completed block to convert it into hash and add the hash then the block chain There is a reward: first when creating new hash new Bitcoins are created (since July 2016 are it 125 per block) and on the other, the respective participant will receive a portion of the transaction fees

However, because it is in principle for a computer not difficult to create a hash of a block, there is a danger that all the available blocks converted within a short time and thus all Bitcoins are skimmed off Therefore, the network makes it more difficult to hash the block And here the technique comes into play

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