48 GeForce GTX 1070 GPU Bitcoin Mining Rig

hello friends welcome to my first video of Bitcoin mining rig so this is Darshan from GrayMatterOnline LLP and as you can see over here it is a 48 GPU Bitcoin mining rig for the 8 graphics card graphic cards have been used to make this rig as it is a really really old setup the graphics card I have used over here is NVIDIA GeForce GTX one zero seven zero now as you can see each of this rig has seven graphics card on them so this are the six rigs with seven graphics cards that is total 42 GPU units over there and the one near the window has six graphics card on them this one has six graphic card on them so total 48 GPU so this mining rate is 48 GPU mining rate it is really hard in here as you can see the temperature is really hot in here and if you have any queries if you want me to upload more videos and if you if you want to have the setup on your own please write down in the comment section also subscribe my channel thank you let's have one final look at this add up and then I'll end this video thank you very much for watching the video thank you

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