Revelations of Evidence Tampering Help Boost Global Support of Ross Ulbricht

In a show of support, on Dec four a worldwide audience tuned in to Free Ross-A-Thon. The eight hour on-line fundraiser set a $14,000 target to offset expenses tied to Ulbricht’s court attractiveness. The event surpassed all expectations by yielding $50,000 from contributors round the world. the biggest donation, within the quantity of $25,000, came from Bitcoin angel capitalist and spirited advocate Roger Ver.

After being guilty of seven non-violent charges, Ulbricht was sentenced to life in jail while not parole in could of 2015 for his alleged role in orchestrating the Silk Road web site. he’s presently appealing his conviction and sentence within the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

“The concept that associateyone might receive a sentence for making an ecommerce web site, despite the merchandise being sold , shocks the conscience,” Ver aforementioned to Bitcoin Magazine. “Any ethical person ought to be hostile this sort of lawgiver sentence.”

The fundraiser follows recent proof gathered by Ulbricht’s legal team alleging proof of proof meddling. A antecedently undiscovered copy of the Silk Road forum info clearly shows that somebody with access to the positioning deleted important parts of proof, per Ulbricht’s lawyers. This new revelation has supplementary another twist to a case already saddled with uncorroborated details and questionable conclusions.

The legal team additionally discovered proof that somebody apart from Ulbricht used the Dread Pirate Roberts account to log into the positioning nearly seven weeks once Ulbricht was taken into custody. This contradicts assertions by the govt that Ulbricht was the only real user of the Dread Pirate Roberts account.

Says Lyn Ulbricht, Ross’ mother: “If this backup of the forum info had not been found; if logins created by DPR once Ross’ arrest weren’t discovered, nobody would be the wiser. This begs the question: what quantity additional is there? we have a tendency to could ne’er understand, as digital proof is definitely modified, planted or deleted while not a trace. That my son — or anyone — would receive a sentence supported such vulnerable proof, particularly once there’s proof of corruption and meddling, could be a travesty of justice.”

In associate earlier exclusive interview with Bitcoin Magazine, Lyn shared details of Ross’s imprisonment, together with contents of a letter he’d written to her from jail.

Jeffrey Tucker, Distinguished Fellow with the muse for Economic Education and Chief Liberty Officer and founding father of, additionally weighed in on the importance of this case:

“I was terribly grateful to be a part of the Ross-A-Thon. From the time of his trial and sentencing, he has ne’er left our minds. No justice is served by lockup him up like this. The sentence alone, supported incompletely and surprisingly distorted info, was cruel to the purpose of absurdity. Meanwhile, the aims of the war on medicationare in no approach advanced by this.”

“Ross is associate dreamer, a person World Health Organization needed to make a very free market. Human liberation was his aim. He might need been naive regarding the challenge he created for presidency officers and entrenched drug lords. however his answer is that the approach of the longer term. therein sense, he’s an excellent conceiver. A society that locks up such individuals isn’t a only 1.”

“I commend everybody World Health Organization continues to figure for Ross’s freedom. Like others, i am convinced we’ll see it in our time, which history can regard him as a prisoner World Health Organization overcame a terrible fate to measure a triumphant and delightful life. It’s unhappy that one thing like this could ever happen. however maybe his life are going to be seen — like such a large amount of political prisoners before — as a warning call to all or any societies of the brutality of intolerance and content.”

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