Smart Contracts: 12 Use Cases For Business And Beyond

Smart contracts will automatize many alternative styles of processes and operations, the foremost obvious being payment and actions conditional on payment. however the capabilities reach several business and structure activities.

Awhite paper [PDF] by the Chamber of Digital Commerce with the support of the good Contracts Alliance presents twelve use cases of contracts for business and on the far side.

Nick Szabo in 1996 delineate a sensible contract as “a set of guarantees, per digital kind, together with protocols at intervals that the parties perform on these guarantees,” a definition that also describes the term. Technology, however, has evolved, creating new forms of good contracts attainable.

Within a brief fundamental quantity, good contracts can do over automatize aspects of the contract’s performance. “Contracts-for-difference” area unit associate degree example software package frequently adjusting balances and dispensing money flows supported updated market costs.

But in conjunction with new opportunities come back new challenges.

All good contracts, no matter their model, involve code, which can not forever perform as supposed. Messages are often delayed or interrupted, and knowledge in transit are often corrupted. non-public cryptography keys are often compromised by hacking. The liability implications of such events should be thought-about.

Following area unit the twelve good contract use cases.

Digital Identity

Smart contracts will permit people to possess and management their digital identity containing knowledge, name and digital assets. It permits people to determine what knowledge to confide in counterparties, providing enterprises the chance to seamlessly grasp their customers.

Counterparties won’t ought to hold sensitive knowledge to verify transactions. This reduces liability whereas facilitating resistance know-your-customer necessities. It additionally will increase compliance, resiliency and ability.


Smart contracts will digitise the Uniform business Code (UCC) filing
and automatize their renewal and unharness processes. they’ll additionally atomically excellent a lender’s stake loan creation.

They can automatize compliance with rules that need destroying records at a future date. They additionallychange UCC liens that auto-release, auto-renew or mechanically request collateral. In playacting such functions, good contracts cut back legal prices.


Smart contracts will change capitalization table management. They additionally circumvent intermediaries within the chain of securities custody and facilitate the automated payment of dividends, stock splits and liability management, whereas reducing operational risks.
With securities on a distributed ledger, good contracts digitise work flows.

There area unit issues with securities.

The cryptanalytic signature of the State of Delaware will need statute law to clarify that Delaware company law permits registration on a distributed ledger.

While issuers can welcome visibility into WHO owns their securities, some buy-side corporations defend this info.

Trade Finance

Smart contracts will contour international transfers of products via quick Letter of Credit and trade payment initiation, whereas sanctioning a bigger liquidity of monetary assets.
They can additionally improve finance efficiencies for consumers, suppliers and establishments.

There area unit trade finance issues. business standards for good contract procedures area unit required for wider satisfactoriness.

The legal implications just in case of associate degree execution fall-out should be determined, significantlywithin the cases of disputes and defaults.

The integration of settlement systems, technology necessities and off-chain ecosystems area unit vital to success.


Smart contracts will contour post-trade processes, removing duplicative processes dead by every counterparty for confirmative trades and conducting acceptable trade events. they allow a regular set of contract conditions and optimize post-trade process of over-the-counter derivatives. They additionally alter period of time valuation of positions for observance and reducing errors.

When considering spinoff good contracts, it’s vital to handle protocol changes associated with regulative reform.

Financial knowledge Recording

Financial organizations will utilize good contracts for correct, clear monetary knowledge recording. good contracts afford uniform monetary knowledge across organizations, up monetary reportage and reducing auditing prices.

By up knowledge integrity, good contracts support multiplied market stability. They additionally cut back accounting prices by permitting price sharing among organizations.

Interoperability among the distributed ledger network and bequest systems is very important in monetaryreportage.


Smart contracts will automatize mortgage contracts by mechanically connecting the parties, providing for a resistance and fewer erring method. The good contract will mechanically method payment and unharness liens from land records once the loan is paid.

They can additionally improve record visibility for all parties and facilitate payment following and verification. They cut back errors and prices related to manual processes.

Digital identity could be a key demand.

Land Title Recording

Smart contracts that facilitate property transfers will deter fraud, improve dealings transparency and potency, and strengthen confidence in identity. They additionally cut back auditing prices.

Common protocols ought to be developed for electronic record filing.

Supply Chain

Smart contracts will offer period of time visibility for each step in an exceedingly provide chain. web of Things devices will record every step as a product moves from a manufactory floor to the shop shelves.

They facilitate granular-level inventory following, benefitting provide chain finance, insurance and risk. Such increased tracing and verification cut back the chance of larceny and fraud.

The identities of provide chain players ought to be echt over time, together with firms, establishments, people, sensors, facilities and product.

Auto Insurance

Smart contracts will improve the disjointed automobile insurance method. a sensible contract will record the policy, driving record and driver reports, permitting web of Things-equipped vehicles to execute claims shortly onceassociate degree accident.

They automatize claims process, verification and payment. every policyolder’s repository includes driving record, vehicle and accident report history. Eliminating duplicated reportage can yield savings.

Cross-industry collaboration is required to handle technological, regulative and monetary challenges.

Clinical Trials

Smart contracts will improve clinical trials through multiplied cross-institutional visibility. Privacy-preserving computation improves knowledge sharing between establishments whereas automating patient knowledge.

They can contour processes for trials, improve access to cross-institution knowledge, and may increase confidence in patient privacy.

Authentication, authorization and identity stay open problems for good contracts dead on blockchain-enabled networks.

Cancer analysis

Smart contracts will facilitate the sharing of cancer knowledge. they’ll facilitate the patient consent management method and combination knowledge contribution and knowledge sharing whereas protective patient privacy.

New varieties of blockchain technologies could also be required to produce period of time access and protection of knowledge confidentiality.

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Considerations concerning good Contracts

The written report examined however good contract code affects legal analysis.

When the code becomes the contract, leading to a separate sort of good contract, the applying of jurisprudencewill become difficult.

Smart contracts won’t displace the long-standing pillars of jurisprudence (including provide, acceptance and consideration). except for good contracts written entirely in code, courts can face challenges in applying jurisprudence to see once or whether or not a contract has shaped, whether or not a celebration has met its obligations, whether or not a celebration has broken, etc.

Contract law developments within the context of on-line agreements offer steerage for the way jurisprudence can apply to good contracts.

Over the past ten years, courts have accepted electronic contracts within the monetary services.

Courts have additionally recognized clickwrap agreements as enforceable varieties of getting.

Contracts that ought to be simple embrace insurance contracts, written agreement and royalty distributions. different contracts will involve a lot of subjective judgment which will create an automatic performance tougher.

It may be tough to develop contracts wherever matters imply changeableness of transactions, subjective analysis, programming of complicated or nebulous principles, or intensive interaction among a blockchain and also the outside world.

The parties even have to agree on however info can enter a blockchain. In some areas, an outdoor actor canought to be sure.

In the context of disputes, competitive ideas can verify the quantity of involvement of courts and lawyers. Despite the understanding afforded by a sensible contract, jurisprudence should have A level of flexibility to manage subjective problems.

Coders are challenged to create truthful dealing, honesty and different subjective ideas into good contracts.

While good contracts can cut back demands on force, regulative oversight can seemingly forever be required. Interpretation of a sensible contract code would force a brand new regulative ability set.I

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