Where Bitcoin Mining Pools Stand on Segregated Witness

For the primary time, bitcoin miners are able to signal support for quarantined Witness this past week. Developed as a soft fork, the planned centerpiece of Bitcoin Core’s quantifiability roadmap needs ninety five % of all blocks among one 2 week issue amount to signal readiness for the amendment. If the edge is reached, the answer is activated period of time later, realizing a good block size limit increase, a physical property fix and additional.

Of all mining pools accounting for a minimum of one-hundredth of hash power on the network, four arecommunication support for quarantined Witness to date, along accounting for concerning twenty six % of all freshly mined blocks.

Here may be a temporary summary.

AntPool (~19 % hash power)

AntPool, the most mining arm of China-based ASIC-producer Bitmain, has not been communication support for quarantined Witness to date.

At the “Bitcoin Roundtable” in urban center last February, Bitmain and AntPool representatives signed a letter supporting quarantined Witness, reciprocally for a tough fork proposal to extend the block size limit from the Bitcoin Core developers gift at the meeting. this tough fork proposal was scheduled to be given among 3 months when the discharge of quarantined Witness — originally set for Gregorian calendar month. attributable to a delay of quarantined Witness, however, the developers technically have till late next January to gift the proposal.

Much went on since the urban center meeting, however, and interpretations of the agreement vary. many of the signatories — together with Bitmain corporate executive Jihan Wu and several other Bitcoin Core developers — (seemingly) suspect others of not upholding their a part of the deal. whether or not the developers can gift a finished proposal before the top of January is unsure.

Speaking to Bitcoin Magazine in might of this year, Wu aforementioned his pool won’t support quarantined Witness unless and till Bitcoin Core implements a block size exhausting fork. This presently looks unlikely to happen any time shortly.

F2Pool (~14 % hash power)

The operator of the Chinese mining pool F2Pool, Wang Chun, signed onto the urban center group discussionaccord further. tho’ he didn’t inquire into the standing of the agreement, Chun told Bitcoin Magazine that he’spresently experiencing technical difficulties keeping him from communication support.

“Since our system cannot build C++11, i might like place this on hold for a moment, till we are able to get our new servers on-line up and running,” Chun aforementioned. “Next spring, maybe.”

BTCC (~11 % hash power) signals support

China-based Bitcoin exchange, notecase service and mining pool BTCC signed the urban center group discussion letter. the corporate is one in all the foremost outspoken proponents of quarantined Witness and is presently the largest mining pool communication support.

Speaking to CoinTelegraph last week, BTCC COO Samson Mow explained:

“SegWit is nice for Bitcoin. It brings additional dealing outturn, fixes physical property, defrags the UTXO set, makes hardware wallets safer and most significantly, it permits lightning, which is able to bring instant low value Bitcoin transactions to the globe. The team at BTCC are operating exhausting at creating our exchange and mining pool services SegWit-ready.”

BW Pool (~10 % hash power)

BW Pool, China’s fourth biggest mining pool and another human of the urban center group discussion letter, is presently not communication support for quarantined Witness.

Earlier in the week, the mining pool did channelize a tweet stating: “Mining Pools ought to stay Neutral.” this can be in agreement with Slush Pool’s policy to let individual miners connected to the pool decide whether or not theywish to signal support in blocks they notice, instead of having the pool decide for them.

In response to a question from Bitcoin Magazine, biological warfare Pool angel capitalist, Chandler Guo, confirmed the pool can let individual miners decide. Guo didn’t reveal any specifics, however, like activation dates or potential default settings.

BitFury (~7 % hash power) signals support

BitFury, a full-service Blockchain technology company and mining pool with roots within the Republic of Georgia, is presently the second largest pool communication support for quarantined Witness.

Representatives from BitFury conjointly signed the urban center group discussion letter. And commenting on the block size issue at a conference in London, BitFury corporate executive Valery Vavilov expressed the “block size ought to be inflated, however during a sensible method,” adding that “the answer that was deployed is pretty good: quarantined Witness.”

ViaBTC (~6 % hash power)

Of all mining pools, the comparatively new Chinese mining pool ViaBTC is probably the strongest opponent of the quarantined Witness soft fork. In associate degree interview with Bitcoin Magazine printed last week, ViaBTC corporate executive Haipo principle explained he can reject the planned soft fork in favor of a block size limit increase exhausting fork.

“My goal isn’t extremely to dam quarantined Witness in and of itself, however to figure towards a Bitcoin version i believe is healthier,” principle aforementioned.

HaoBTC (~6 % hash power)

Representatives from HaoBTC, the Chinese exchange, notecase service and mining pool, signed onto the urban center group discussion accord.

In Gregorian calendar month of this year, the corporate printed associate degree letter urging the Bitcoin Core developers gift in urban center to uphold their a part of the deal — and requesting clarity. whereas the letter was quickly unpublished, the initial content suggests HaoBTC wasn’t absolutely proud of the (lack of) progress on the exhausting fork proposal. (Additionally, the initial letter is claimed to possess enclosed positive remarks regarding quarantined Witness.)

HaoBTC is presently not communication support for quarantined Witness, however.

Slush Pool (~6 % hash power) part signals support

Prague-based Slush Pool, Bitcoin’s oldest mining pool, can let individual hashers decide whether or not or to not signal support for quarantined Witness.

In a writing printed on Bitcoin Magazine last week, pool operator Marek “Slush” Palatinus explained he needs to get rid of himself from the equation as a call maker: “Satoshi’s plan wasn’t to possess a number of entities management the network. As a mining pool we have a tendency to shouldn’t rule.”

Slush Pool can signal support for quarantined Witness by default, however users will opt if they need. This answer isn’t quite prepared nevertheless at the instant, however. As a brief answer, solely users that “vote” in support of Bitcoin Core mechanically vote for quarantined Witness.

BTC.com (~5 % hash power)

BTC.com, a block someone, notecase service, API-provider and open supply mining pool closely-held by Bitmain, is presently not communication support for quarantined Witness.

Speaking to Bitcoin Magazine, BTC.com’s mining pool operator, Kevin Pan, indicated that, within the short term, {it can|it’ll} not signal support for quarantined Witness however will instead wait any community accord. Like AntPool, BTC.com’s call can possibly conjointly rely on Bitmain’s preference.

GBMiners (~3 % hash power)

India-based GBMiners, another comparatively new mining pool, isn’t communication support for quarantined Witness. In associate degree interview with CoinJournal, the mining pool did indicate that it’s in favor of the Bitcoin Core fork Bitcoin Unlimited, that has no plans to support quarantined Witness.

Update: back to a question on Facebook on Gregorian calendar month twenty, GBMiners representative Sanjay Goswami indicated that his pool would would signal support for quarantined Witness.

Bitclub Network (~3 % hash power) signals support

Bitclub Network is that the fourth largest mining pool presently communication support for quarantined Witness. Not a lot of else is thought concerning this pool.

1Hash (~3 % hash power)

Chinese mining pool 1Hash is presently not communication support for quarantined Witness. Not a lot of else is thought concerning this pool.

Bitcoin.com (~2 % hash power)

The new Bitcoin.com mining pool, operated by well-known Bitcoin angel capitalist and enterpriser, Roger Ver, is presently not communication support for quarantined Witness. Ver told Bitcoin Magazinethat his pool “isn’t actively supporting or block SegWit,” however can solely support quarantined Witness if and once it’s clear to him there’s community accord for the soft fork.

Ver conjointly addressed what he considers to be the shortage of chance for uncontested dialogue concerning the soft fork among common Bitcoin forums r/bitcoin and Bitcointalk:

“The drawback with all the censorship that is been occurring is that nobody is aware of what the community accord truly is.”

Kano CK Pool (~2 % hash power)

Kano CK Pool isn’t communication support for quarantined Witness. during a inquire into Bitcointalk, Kano CKPool operator “kano” recently indicated the pool can keep mining commonplace Bitcoin blocks; blocks that don’t support changes to the protocol.

“No random makes an attempt at ever-changing BTC … and conjointly no SegWit indicators,” kano aforementioned once asked that code the pool supports. “So i assume meaning ‘core’ while not SegWit selection.”

Bitcoin Magazine reached dead set (representatives from) AntPool, BTCC, BitFury, HaoBTC, Bitclub Network, GBMiners, 1Hash and Kano CK Pool, however received no response at time of publication.

This article has been updated with info relating to GBMiners.

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