The Federal Agent and The 300,000 BTC Silk Road Pirates Treasure


Some revelations relating to the trade route investigation came out through a Dark web Markets (DNM) Ganja forums. A user who’s been registered since 2009 had lots to mention relating to the U.S. Department Of Justice, FBI, and therefore the law enforcement agency. Most notably the sensational officer of the Ross Ulbricht and Sabu (of Anonymous) was mentioned by a commenter as presumably being concerned. the story told by the person named “Plural of Mongoose” United Nations agency has been on the run from the Feds, travels in and out of South East Asia on a whim in concern of captivity and murder. “Plural of Mongoose” or otherwise referred to as “Variety Jones” is alleged to possess been the lost mentor of the trade route.

“This is that the story of what I’ve been doing the last 2 years. The story of $75,000,000 of pirates treasure in bitcoins. The story of a rapscallion, extremely placed member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation United Nations agency has been creating higher than a mean of a $1,000,000 a month, committing felonies with wild abandon, simply because he will.”

Also Read: Open Letters To Ross Ulbricht : Series one silkroad_fbi_110813The tale started during a bedchamber in China wherever viverrine aforesaid he saw a tv broadcast relating to the downfall of the trade route on the news. He was thus afraid by this he aforesaid, “You might have knocked American state down with a feather.” for a few reason, viverrine was stirred and determined to bounce around SE Asia for roughly six months till eventually ending informed a pleasant secluded beach space in Siam. Staying there drinking heavily and living at intervals the solitude of the beach and jungle viverrine lived somewhat jubilantly.

Then in Gregorian calendar month roughly round the Thai year with little or no cellular service or net service viverrine got a conversation message. someone United Nations agency later reveals himself as Associate in Nursing G-man United Nations agency is aware of Associate in Nursing awful heap regarding his fleeing from authorities and Dark web Market info. He liked to decision himself ‘Chrysippus’ or ‘Diamond’ and with excitement told viverrine voluminous tidbits relating to the trade route rapscallion agents Carl Force and Shaun Bridges in addition the autumn of smaller DNMs. Diamond was continuously terribly flamboyant and intense in his conversations largely as a result of all of those events he expected to viverrine before they even happened. This created Mongooses
assumption firmer that Diamond was so a true G-man.

Diamond Foreshadows Fall of imaginary place

It started with Diamond foretelling the autumn of the DNM imaginary place and explaining however he toyed with them till the positioning shut itself down in concern. Diamond claimed that Ross Ulbricht still had a bitcoin billfold with three hundred,000 BTC presently value $75,000,000, and he wished to induce a hold of the funds. He had devised an inspiration to attend till Ross was guilty and given his calculable 40+ years or a life in jail sentence and eventually would infiltrate Ulbricht from the within mistreatment different convicts. With doing this, he patterned that viverrine might somehow additionally get on the within and make contact with Ulbricht obtaining him to reveal his personal key.

3D rendered clean up illustration of decorated golden Bitcoins cluster with depth of field blur

Over time, the agent unbroken birthing out a lot of and a lot of of his “bonafides” as events transpire. He expected everything well before the failures of Agents Force and Bridges transpire, till eventually telling once they were to be prosecuted. Diamond referred to as the agents out for the way “stupid they were to try and do something however hold onto their dirty gains”. By this point, viverrine was quite affected with Diamond’s data of all of those happenings as they came true. However, Diamond became terribly erratic in his speech whenever they mentioned the infiltration of Ross in jail. He wished to end the mission by the top of the year and because the conversations grew he became a lot of excited to inform all regarding the downfall of the rapscallion agents Force and Bridges. throughout a conversation within the heat of his excitement, Diamond left a special name at the top one amongst his messages, CWT.

Mongoose antecedently told by Diamond {that throughout|that in} the trade route investigation agent Carl Force accidentally left his name ‘Carl’ at the top of a preceding chat message with DPR during the investigation. Knowing however erratic in speech Diamond was, viverrine place 2 and 2 along and discovered what Diamond had done. He accidentally left his real name. throughout this point, he with pride educated viverrine that he had been extorting

DNMs for a short while currently and recently nonheritable four million bucks from his “extra-curricular activities”. The long-time set up for the federal officer was to retire during a “tax friendly jurisdiction.” however as time ironed on Diamond got upset and extremely wished to execute his attempt to infiltrate Ross and find the three hundred,000 BTC. He told viverrine that it had been his doing that unbroken him safe and free from authorities.

“IF I WASN’T WELL IN POSITION specifically wherever HE wished American state TO BE, I’D BE to blame for THE RESULTS.”
BN-GK309_silk01_M_20150113093555In March, of 2015 viverrine had confirmed his immigration standing and he was so ‘safe’. That month Diamond “stepped it up a notch” asking him to remain at a location of his selecting and live there until his set up commenced. He wished to form the contact with Ulbricht around Christmas or New Years Eve, a time wherever Ross could feel particularly vulnerable. a couple of days later viverrine explains the official was joyous claiming to possess pillaged vi million value of BTC from the DNMs. 10 days later from this announcement the DNM “Evolution was no more”. looking these conversations viverrine was perpetually asked to attempt to assaultive Ross and once he denied serving to Diamond, things began to induce a lot of serious.

During the top of March, viverrine started hearing regarding four men craving for him on the island. In April, Diamond educated him that there was Associate in Nursing “Interpol Red Notice” meant for him which SE Asian authorities were to detain him. viverrine United Nations agency was then friendly with the native police approached them asking “Are you craving for me?” to that they replied “no however immigration was”. thus he Sat down with the officer and that they referred to as immigration to take a seat down for a gathering at the native bar. Over a bottle of Sangsom, viverrine had discovered he had a bounty on his head for twenty,000 Thai bahts. when finding this info out, he left the boys with fifty,000 Thai bahts and educated Diamond that his entice had failing.

Diamond Threatens Lyn Ulbricht and Ross’s Sister With Torture

Screen-Shot-2013-11-20-at-5.57.08-PMThis info escalated the speech. viverrine explains that Diamond went “mental” and vulnerable to snatch Ross’s mother, Lyn Ulbricht, and his sister. He aforesaid he was capable of obtaining a video phone into the jail and torturing them till he gave up the personal key. He told viverrine come back Christmas if “I wasn’t well in position specifically wherever he wished American state to be, I’d be to blame for the results.”

With not abundant else to try and do viverrine determined to show himself in and report back to the Justice Department. He sent a PGP-signed email to the Justice Department implicating a ‘Highly Placed Investigator’ from the Federal Bureau of Investigation was to blame for a large amount of things. The message was received however to his surprise he ne’er got Associate in Nursing email back, thus he sent another and got nothing. thus viverrine determined to undertake and catch Diamond in his own realm by scouring the DNMs for Diamond and proof of his actions. Eventually, viverrine even leads Diamond on by going together with his attempt to infiltrate Ross.

By this point Diamond was honing in on his next DNM target Agora and viverrine thought it had been the right temporal arrangement to line the agent up. However, Agora wordlessly shuts down and ruins the plans to line up the officer. Over succeeding few weeks, Diamond keeps rant regarding capture and has nothing however three hundred,000 BTC on his mind. With all of this talk about torture and capture, viverrine got tired of it and determined to inform the planet. He says:

“SOMEONE should confirm HE DOESN’T reach capture ROSS’S SISTER AND MOTHER.”
accused-silk-road-drug-baron-goes-on-trial-in-nyAt the top of this forum discussion readers question if CWT stands for the sensational officer Christopher W. Tarbell. viverrine replies back to the commenter “I don’t purchase that. Tarbell was gone along the time the attention-grabbing stuff was happening.” With all this it’s clear, if this story is true together with the supported proof of agents Force and Bridges, the feds have a visible immoral overreach at intervals their powers. With the testimony from Lyn Ulbricht throughout our interview fortnight agone she discovered that they’d the flexibility to vary passwords and PIN numbers; produce or edit chats; and pirate accounts, as well as DPR’s. This post from ‘Variety Jones’ aka ‘Mongoose’ is surprising. It shows the big powers these special agencies have and the way they need tainted the whole case.
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